New review: Mary Queen of Scots. 30.06.2017

After reading the book by Stefan Zweig’s “Maria Stuart” I wanted to see how moved on the screen, it works, especially because the theme of grace: history, intrigue, beautiful costumes, bright personality.

Watching the film, I realized one thing, that if I had not read the book, I would not understand the logic of the film that comes from, why there are certain events that pictures are randomly replaced under strange music. Those who have not read the book or are not familiar with the story will be quite a lot of questions to what is happening on the screen.

The camera keeps shaking, do not know what mean the Director or the operator, the event is interrupted and then starts a completely different scene, without any explanation.

The film is not intriguing, personalities poluchilis absolutely not bright, Mary Stuart, more or less, and all the others such as Darnley, Boswell, Murray and the lords are just extras in her background. From the movie it is not clear why killed a servant of the Queen, Riccio and why it was necessary to kill the husband of the Queen — Darnley how it happened with Boualem. And the whole film Mary Stuart walks to the portrait in the hands of Elizabeth, and a compulsive desire to see and touch her hands.

Boring, not particularly beautifully shot film, unrevealed characters, and the plot is quite Creasy.

The main character, Mary Stuart, played by Camille Rutherford, is very similar to the lead of the first channel Ekaterina Andreeva, like that is weird.

3 out of 10

New review: Mary Queen of Scots. 30.06.2017

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