New review: May tape 28.06.2017

I expected the “May tape” is much more than that because Germanicus is always very lively filmed a realism in which we find ourselves and our lives. In the “May tape” none of the characters are not readable by real people, they are somehow stereotypical and pretty one-sided.

The heroes are far from us — ordinary people, was the attempt to make maxima “closer to the people”, but, again, he came out with a solid stereotype, namely animeshnik-nerd-slut-virgin-geek, who sees nothing but the beloved anime. Well, there are no such people, any person is much more complicated than what we show on the screen.

The story itself is pretty boring, he has no unexpected twists and intriguing moments from the first series you know what happens at the end with the relationships of the characters.

I hope this picture was just an experiment Germanicus, and they will continue to shoot series in his old spirit of “School” and “Short course of happy life”

New review: May tape 28.06.2017

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