New review: Meet me in St. Louis 27.09.2017

I am very sympathetic to those tapes, where one of the characters is the scene of action, otherwise the city. In some ways it is an individual interest, on the other hand, if you give the location of their lives, and their status, the “immersion” of the viewer will certainly occur unimpeded.

“Meet me in St. Louis” opens his scene from the beginning, and it is not a random reference for the formation of the name of the tape. St. Louis plays a key role in terms of playing life in it, and in terms of the historical sections — the last in 1904 the world fair film dedicated untold a large number of monologues. Despite the fact that the panoramas of the city in this work can not meet, it perfectly shows the era of the United States, its domestic specifics, of course, mainly middle and upper strata of the population. St. Louis here alive verbal, of the phrases of the characters and their attachment to the place of their habitat. In fact, it is possible to move and is a key conflict.

Tape dedicated thus cities or locations, plays an important role for the location and its perception from the outside. If you look closely, the film of the same Hollywood often organizes events at the place of birth of the author or other economically-practical reasons. This contributes to the development popularity of the place, and bringing to production new sectors sponsors.

However, in addition to so I liked the geographical motif, this tape clearly another delicate area involves creating a sort of melodramatic musical noncanonical form, in color and with a sharp vivacity of spirit, a kind of ease in order to repay the aggressive environment associated with the midst of the second world war. A special mass “epithets” render to picture her retrospectivism and “prinesennoy”, the disregard of modern society fortieth interest in a sublimely refined society of the past. However, this does not prevent the ribbon is one of the top ten musicals in the history according to the American film Institute and to get in various lists of the greatest films compiled by film editions and magazines.

In many respects, except the nature of the anti-war focus and ignoring the fact of promotion of the urban environment, the reason of the success of the movie and is directing and the cast, who spent the most vivid and professional work. They established the key position of ease and airiness of the action — romance is full of nerds, even from the father and the youngest daughter, a big supporter of the “Gothic” theme. But first of all, this orchestra portrays a family that really believe and really want. By the way, after this film, Minnelli and garland formed in a short period of time unit of society, becoming one of the most famous couples in history. Coincidence? No ordinary life choice.

Based on this, answering the question about the attitude of the film, you can objectively call it positive. Really, really “sweet”, but very, very light, ideal for the practice of holding joint dining rituals.

New review: Meet me in St. Louis 27.09.2017

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