New review: Melancholia 18.06.2017

Melancholia — the movie-the clergy, the film is a clear illustration of psychiatric diagnosis, the film is a visual reflection of the inner world of the Author, it should be noted that the reflection is fascinating, attempt to think about global in the routine.

The main characters Justine and Claire, different sisters, brought from the trireme, with his favorite women, the personification of the opposite attitudes — neurotic and perverse, which face the End.

I called both the main heroines, although Justine and goes to the foreground, and Kirsten dunst gets the “Palme d’or” at Cannes for best actress. From the outset, the attention really riveted to the blonde in the white dress, which is in the process of the wedding ceremony, not being able to deal with their own inclinations, and completely submit to them, causing the marriage as a legalized system of rights and obligations becomes impossible, even absurd. The wedding is very skillfully played out by the Trier as a personal End of the world, and the behavior of Justine on the verge of despair and madness is nothing less than emotional acting out.

Justine herself is going to die. We see how Justine is torn, drawn to mother, to father for help and support, all her being is screaming that she’s on the verge, but we come and go in this world alone, and because none of the parents will not submit a hand. Melancholy that the first part is at a considerable distance from Land, has swallowed Justine, but because in the second it acts Knowing, a kind of prophet to whom the future is known in advance, for the simple reason that already experienced.

And, at first glance, Claire is a devoted mother and wife who strives to help his troubled sister, a complete opposite of her. However, if we look closely, we will see that in the second part of Claire are the same changes as with Justine at her wedding, Justine is only your world destroyed itself, and in the case of Clare for her, it makes the outer object — the planet Melancholia that threatens the End of all the Earth. She experiences the same fear and despair as seeking help from relatives, but it turns out one in the face of Death.

The main difference between the heroines in the position they live, how to accept dying. Justin, don’t priemlemaya limits, following their instincts blindly, practically embodying the subject of the unconscious, loses the concept of death as such, acquiring the art of being. Claire, a neurotic trying to protect themselves from death, marrying, creating a family living in a huge house, a full financial well-being is faced with a disaster — none of the acquired in life will not insulate you from Death.

Trier filmed a very accurate film showing the functioning of the human psyche. Any pathology gives us an idea of how to construct the norm. Each scene demonstrates a protest against the external constraints and challenges faced man, imposed by society values, like binding a lot of money, be successful, be married, and to glow with happiness, don’t give chance to those who are sad, do not give time to release your inner potential in subjectively meaningful direction. But nothing will save you from death, and therefore to live in harmony with yourself — that’s the greatest challenge of man. Author who retains himself, contrary to the outside, destroying the Ground as it is, gives us hope for another world, in which everyone decides how to live lives as he can.

New review: Melancholia 18.06.2017

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