New review: Mercenary 01.10.2017

A very strong fighter. In the beginning of the film we are the main character Mitch. In the attack, he loses his girl and wants revenge, destroying a terrorist cell and killing their leader. It would seem that the plot is quite banal, but that’s the beauty of the film. This is a well done Thriller reminiscent of something the movie “the Recruit”.

By the middle of the film, the viewer is slowly, but unexpectedly falls into a whirlwind turn of story, where to understand who is friend and who is foe is very difficult. Here and agents, and terrorists and double agents. The main thing is everything looks very harmonious and does not cause boredom or rejection. The film keeps in suspense for two hours and doesn’t let go until the very end.

Action here as much as you need. He’s not in charge in this film, it only adds to the storyline.

What is the result? A strong film on a spy theme, a bit predictable, somewhat similar to fellow genre, but has its own distinctive positive traits.

7 out of 10

New review: Mercenary 01.10.2017

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