New review: Mercenary 02.10.2017

Such attitude I have formed after watching the movie. Oddly enough, the main problem of the picture that it came at the wrong time: here like and presents a standard set of “tools” that are typical for a classic Thriller, but how did it all a second look.

Modern man, in fact, still the fussy: it simply needs to surprise. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking cinema, it suffices to find a different approach to the already well-established genre in order to capture the viewer’s attention. Take the same “John Wick”: in terms of plot — trivial action, but how tasty it is presented (here and inventive action, and beautiful world of killers with their orders and rules). “Mercenary” is typical with head to toe pattern in nearly every frame, every scene. As a result, the movie is almost interesting to watch and really looking at the time waiting for its completion.

But that’s “almost” and not allowing the tape to sink into total despair. First, some individual episodes are pretty good. Like primarily action scenes: anything is not exorbitant, but they are performed at the level. Nice thought well as virtual training of the protagonist and the scene of torture of the character Keaton. Secondly, approaching the interchange, the picture is gradually gaining momentum and the final was quite spectacular especially the explosion of a nuclear bomb impressed. And the very last thing I would like to praise movie — acting work.

Michael Keaton and Taylor Kitsch, of course, the main stars of the film: to show my ability here, to be honest, it was not necessary, but due to his charisma actors make their images more interesting, though only partial openness of the characters. Dylan O’brien as bad, but still slightly inferior to their colleagues.

Thus, the “Mercenary” — cliched and hardly fascinating tape, which, unfortunately, can not compete with other representatives of the same genre in the current environment. If anyone can recommend to go to the movies, only unsophisticated fans of old school fighters.

5,5 out of 10

New review: Mercenary 02.10.2017

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