New review: Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol 09.06.2017

Since this part spy Thriller “Mission impossible” turned into TrueCopy and is primarily aimed at visual pleasure action, sometimes forget about what the viewer wants to understand everything that happens in the film. In this respect, the third part was excellent, Yes, however, and the special effects it was not forgotten, and only the second part and certainly was a great attraction with a full set of colorful action, crime masquerade and touching love line. But the first part, though I kill, I don’t understand how such an empty movie could start so good in the whole franchise — the first “mission” worth seeing just for the scene with the persecution of the train. As for the “Protocol Phantom” and “Tribe of the outcast”, it is overly abstruse, the militants, in which, in between intelligent conversations, particularly about politics, we are pleased with the picturesque scenery and the incredible stunts performed by Tom cruise, do not get tired to learn new “tricks” that can impress anyone. But well, even the uneducated viewer will appreciate this movie highly, because a spy Thriller, in fact close to fiction — this is something that loves young people.

So, Ethan gets into a Russian prison under the name of Sergei, where escapes together with one of the Russian prisoners Bogdan, who was convinced that Sergey is a real Russian. After this long time, there are strange actions, sounds clever dialogue, but in a “perfect” moment is the explosion of the Kremlin, which was Ethan himself (pleased with the humor the scene where he and a partner took place in the Kremlin under the guise of generals), Ethan almost dies and wakes up in hospital in handcuffs because he’s the main suspect in the explosion. Pretty quickly he manages to escape, nothing can stop even a hero… Vladimir Mashkov! I never expected to see. Ethan learns that the squad “Mission impossible” disbanded due to charges in the bombing of the Kremlin, he gets to the train, where the hidden unit, and they take up a new mission, which will be held in Dubai, where Ethan will have to crank out dangerous surgery, during which his tricks will resemble the movement of spider-Man, thanks to the miracle gloves. And all anything, but a sandstorm is coming. And the next mission awaits the heroes in Mumbai, where another agent will have to seriously risk his life, using a super suit that allows you to hover in the air. One of the most vivid characters scenes in this beautiful city will become an oligarch in the performance of the actor who played the host of the popular game show in “Slumdog Millionaire”. But the most sophisticated active stage will be a massacre for the case in which there is the means to stop the rocket.

In General, vigorous and not without an interesting history Thriller which, although designed primarily for professors, who all here will understand, but interesting action enough for people like me who have managed to understand everything that I described in the previous paragraph. Heroes new mission will bring in different parts of the world, all for the sake of saving the world, so tired of those who got tired of movies where the”who is saving the world”. But, if you are tired of these stories, “Ghost Protocol” you will not leave indifferent.

7 out of 10

New review: Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol 09.06.2017

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