New review: Moana 26.09.2017

Disney cartoons I watch infrequently. Probably because they view most often accompanies too mixed state of my soul. Some children’s excitement, seasoned with a hint of sadness, not coming down from my face a smile and readiness at any moment to cry (although usually not the case comes). It would seem a beautiful combination of feelings, but I’m not a fan of these experiences, they are too vague.

And Moana is no exception. From the entire spectrum of female characters I always preferred the emancipated bontovics, princesses pazenok, so to speak. In this respect, the ideological image of Moan absolutely not new. But the spirit of the Islands, something far from just Occidentale can not bribe. I bow to the writers for wanting to expand your horizons. Mythology has always existed, exists throughout the day (in a slightly different form), building our society and giving us explanations, beliefs and paradigms, so necessary for life. So, back to the script. For me, this cartoon inspired the desire to get better acquainted with these Polynesian myths and legends. Well, that sounds pathetic, but in the age of globalization the attempt to immerse children in another culture seems to be very important.

Now about the characters. Do written characters here, unfortunately, is not enough. Moana, Maui, Granny, well, stupid cock. Maui teetering between vanity and desire to help, complacency and self-doubt, thereby causing mixed feelings. Tattoo (an important part of the culture of the land) is so interestingly woven into the narrative a number. Seriously, this is probably my favorite discovery in this movie! And I really appreciated the fact that between Maui and Moaney all the way there is some sexual tension (if you can talk about this when describing the cartoon, although we all know that cartoons are not just for kids) and that the laws of Disney they should be together completely and produce dark mils. But no, at least it was unpredictable in this cartoon (for me at least).

Every cartoon Disney shows us how much technology has advanced and what wonders can you create with staff a talented artist, animators and graphics.

About music. I’m definitely not going again and again to dry up the soundtracks, they didn’t take me as some other songs princesses. But while watching I enjoyed the musical number. Especially from the rap crab! Well, just the presentation of a significant part of the rap industry in one character.

By the way, an hour before the viewing discusses Moana’s I watched a movie with Dwayne Johnson. And the appearance Maui thought that the perfect person for his voice would be it. And then I was pleased to learn that the creators of the cartoon shared my opinion.

Well, summing up. “Never give up, go for a dream you can do, the universe made you the mission” a classic morality Disneykin cartoons. But why not. I don’t mind repetition!

8 out of 10

New review: Moana 26.09.2017

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