New review: mom! 01.10.2017

Frequent viewing of films is difficult to keep track of all Directors, even good. Darren Aronofsky is easy to remember thanks to “Black Swan,” “PI,” “Requiem for a dream”. But if you want to find other views work know what that would count how many films are not etched in memory, enough fingers of one hand. For 20 years, 7 films as a Director, all of them viewed, assessment is good, with this introductory campaign for his new creation did not require a second thought.

The film was shot in a tricky way, he’s like divided into 2 parts each, you feel different sensations.


As for me the beginning was a little boring, maybe it was the Director’s idea. The quiet life of a writer experiencing a problem with the creation of the next book, and his wife is an ordinary housewife with a passion to do everything own hands. Even the arrival of the uninvited guests one by one at first, highly the picture was not revived. A bunch of meaningless conversations to simulate conversations was diluted with situations showing the nature of the actors. it was Difficult to understand what is and what is the plot development. Please only playing some of the actors. The number of times when you get together with the heroine Jennifer Lawrence was outraged by the horrible and unjust actions of the guests — wild. Unbearable behavior and facial expression of the woman in the role Michelle Pfeiffer I will remember for a long time. Although quiet and nondescript beginning, where the lady of the house was always wondered what is happening, in the future, Lawrence had many moments where she showed the entire range of emotions. Same atmosphere attached and the manner of shooting. Not sure how much it went to a plus, for permanent large plans quickly become boring and even become a bit annoying. But towards the middle the film starts to entice, there are more characters that bring a new story branch, thereby forcing the viewer to Wake up and prepare for something interesting.


To talk in detail about what he saw does not seem possible in order not to spoil the impression, and to mind only adjectives and memories of sensations. Unusual, weird, amazing and just awesome — so you can describe what they saw. Such confusion no one could not expect. How many times have seemed absurd and many times I was wrong. The film became harder and darker, reaching a truly unusual and strange moments. And it all ended up equally interesting final twist.

The second half of a mysterious and still be a subject for discussion. From the mouth of the hero, Javier Bardem said, I think said not just and which is incredibly accurately describes the entire film: “They all understand, but everyone understood in his own way“. To the question “what did the author want to say?” a clear answer, probably, does not exist. Shows how the relationship of the writer and inspiration or is the biblical story in a modern view, in any case, someone will stick a popular point of view, someone will find a completely different meaning, and someone would wave a hand and say that a large number of misunderstandings and dysmelia does not make a good film. One thing is for sure, the indifferent, the picture will not leave anyone.

6 out of 10

New review: mom! 01.10.2017

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