New review: mom! 01.10.2017

In the filmography of Darren Aranofsky a lot of good pictures, but as impressive as the Mother, he has not presented. Having at the disposal of the winners of the main awards Lawrence and Bardem picked up an impressive lineup for a supporting role (ed Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer, domhnall Gleeson, Kristen Wiig), once again entrusting the camera Matthew Libatique (nominee for the Oscar for best cinematography in the film Aranofsky “Black Swan”), the Director is preparing his most exquisite dish.

The plot of the film is difficult to describe in a nutshell. Starting to tell, inadvertently catch myself thinking that I want to put absolutely everything that you managed to see, to share every idea, conjecture, guess who visited you during the viewing to show the full range of their feelings. But this becomes extremely difficult, because the film is like a kaleidoscope, each turn of which alters the overall picture.

I think it’s not inappropriate to assume that Aronofsky a new painting continues to rely on the stories from religious texts, as has already happened to a very controversial project, “Noah”. But if you dig deep. After all, you can see references to such a phenomenon as religion, which occupies a huge place in the minds of hundreds of millions of people. But if to transcend the seeming obvious analogy, it is possible to witness a process that is not often found in cinema, especially in modern. I mean a special interactive, not akin to breaking the fourth wall. Giving certain inputs, leaving more unanswered questions, flirting with art images and hyperbolicity, the author graciously leaves the viewer the right to decide what it all means. A truly appreciative audience mobilizes all his experience, gives his freedom of imagination, given the film and together with all participants of the project gets what passionate people have put endless amounts of effort on different sides of the frame — have fun.

For the successful integration of the audience into the action on the screen should be thanking not only the Director. Close-UPS, concentrating on detail, first person, setting lights, props, editing, graphics — were responsible for everything people who love what they do and doing what you love.

In terms of acting, few have any claims. Bardem strikes again with his brilliant charisma and facial expressions, every movement on his face causing seismic activity in the hearts of the audience. Lawrence proves that neither scandals with plums, teen action does not change the fact that she is one of the best Actresses of her generation. Veterans of the profession, Harris and Pfeiffer, though, and give place to youth, but looks good and very appealing.

You should not talk about the film, it is necessary to look. And looking, to stay alone with my own thoughts, because hardly anyone saw the same thing you are. A film for everyone, is incredibly subjective, speaking hundreds of languages, and suffering be heard, but not understood.

The first film in recent time that I want to say thank you.

8 out of 10

New review: mom! 01.10.2017

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