New review: mom! 02.10.2017

Usually I don’t like watching trailers and always be limited to the minimum information about the film or the opinions of friends before for him to go. For the most part they over-fulfill the assigned task and engaging while telling the story of a good half of the film, so the viewer is left to swallow the fact that he put it in his mouth and he chewed. But the trailer for “mother!” (the name of which Russian translators softly adapted as “mother!” although the important “mother!” suits him much more) Darren Aronofsky can watch it calmly, because it’s really not about what the picture actually is. And here it becomes clear why such a sharp polarity of opinions. Viewers go to the Thriller, horror, but not for what happened the Creator as a result. But this polarity is to some extent emphasized the uniqueness, the importance of the film. “Mother!” — not exactly a passing movie. That’s only for the mass audience it was a relatively elitist. Although is it really the same question.

The picture is full of different characters, authors literally unceremoniously throw it in our faces throughout the film, but, nevertheless, make it so that only the middle it becomes clear that we are all the time trying to say. And when you realize it, wonder how I didn’t see what all this time was right under your nose.

Skillfully creates the atmosphere of tension, letting go only in very rare moments. The plot thickens, the picture becomes darker, the camera movements becoming more dynamic, the heroine Jennifer Lawrence, and we with her, all anxious, and then suddenly light up the screen, and you wonder how missed this transition from light to dark, made with such great talent and sensitivity. Just as when reading a book under the light of the sun, you don’t notice how dark, and when someone turns on a lamp, surprised to read in this environment.

The whole movie is like one big allegory. And very colorful, exciting, impressive. That’s only if you remove the allegorical overtones, is unlikely to result will be something truly worthwhile. And if there are movies that are not understood, but it is called unexplained admiration and give to find something close to you, “mother!” -definitely not one of them.

6 out of 10

New review: mom! 02.10.2017

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