New review: mom! 02.10.2017

Director Darren Aranofsky again masterfully uses his signature artistic techniques, which was the place to be, for example, in “Black Swan” and “Requiem for a dream”to heat up and keep the atmosphere tense, not letting the audience rest before the end of the film.

Through close-UPS and sometimes using the plans from the first person we head immersed in thoughts of the heroine Jennifer Lawrence, who played in this film brilliantly (it is now possible to assume that for this role, she will get another nomination for an Oscar). Her husband, the poet no less well played by Javier Bardem. In the story the wife helps to rebuild the house of the husband after the great fire. Parallel to singing, experiencing a creative crisis, trying in vain to write a new creature. Later appear on the screen the hero, the inimitable ed Harris and the heroine of Michelle Pfeifferthat interrupt the peaceful order and radically change the plans of the couple.

The script is written, the development of events in mind, there are many theories and suggestions, in what direction will rotate the plot. It is worth noting that this film definitely does not fall in the standard framework of the genre “horror movie”, rather it is a psychological Thriller with its elements.

This is one of those films that you should definitely watch in the cinema. At least because of the rich sound design, which on a couple of picture and holds it firmly pressed down into the chair.

To perceive the painting differently. And even when the end lips of the characters Aronofsky places all points over “I”, the viewer will still have a huge nepahannoe field for reflection. Perhaps this is one of the main charms of this movie.

Caution! The abundance of symbols and metaphors untrained audience can meet the modest misunderstanding or even a loud laugh (true story), but the film will in any case be at least of an acute attraction. Others will appreciate the depth of the idea, which laid the Director.

10 out of 10

New review: mom! 02.10.2017

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