New review: mom! 03.10.2017

At the Toronto film festival, Darren Aronofsky before the screening of “Mama!” turned to the audience with the words: “I apologize for what I’m going to do with you”. And he, like anyone else knew that he has given to the world.

At what point it all went wrong, broken? After all, we were in love happy. He is so nice and smart, talented and loving. Do this morning everything changed? Of course he can’t be with me. He’s got issues, he needs help. I really want to be there for him and support him because I love him. I will build a house for him, take care of all. He needs time. Very soon it will return to the inspiration, and again we’ll be happy together. As it was before. Just the two of us and our child in our home, our beautiful, quiet, cozy place of happiness.

How many couples feed each other these stories? Repeatedly being disappointed in the partner, they continue to endure and hope that things will change. They don’t see each other. They are blind. Gouged her eyes out and live images of his dreams, refusing to believe their real, present-day feelings. The character of “mom!” living in your own cozy little world. She believes that she and her husband happy. After all, how could it be otherwise?! Only here for some reason he lets any strangers into the house. Not abandon them, pays more attention to them than your dear woman! How so? What’s going on? But this character continues to endure. After all, she’s a good wife, she wants to give her man everything. How far is she willing to go in their illusions?

Darren Aronofsky is a brilliant Director. He is one of those who uses a whole Arsenal of cinematic format, so as to convey the fullest sense of the main characters. So it was already become a classic “Requiem for a dream” in the relatively recent “Black Swan.” Camera motion, objects, script, actors, sound, special effects — all are intended to show how the world is crumbling, built character, including literally. The result is stunning.

“mom!” — very heavy film. It’s hard to watch, always want to see the madness on screen finally ended. But no! Just not that Director. When it seems that the heroes have reached the edge, the viewer falls new wave. It is important to understand that this is not “film-story”, when the screen shows more or less the real story of life. This may have been “Requiem for a dream”, however, this was only the beginning of his career of Darren Aronofsky. Already “Black Swan” has blurred the line between reality and fantasy, rational perception and feeling. And “Mama!” went to a whole new level. It is absolutely abstract and generalized image of relations between man and woman. View the characters, even no names! Of course, relationships are extremely unhealthy, but, unfortunately, such common that they are often even considered the norm. This constant hyperbole, filled with characters. But, it would not have been hard to watch this film, after the end of the session it becomes easier not. Because no matter how crazy, wild and crazy does not look the picture, you know that too many marriages are other words to describe. It is amazing how this absurd accurately describes a real relationship! As already mentioned, “mom!” is not a “film story”, it’s “movie-emotion”. Very heavy, grim, but frighteningly real.

And what about the heroes? Every scene, every frame, every image and metaphor tell them that would never end. However, He continues to ignore what is happening, and She continues to put patches on your dream house. In the first half of the film, a Woman tells Her: “why rebuild the ashes? So you can’t build a new house from scratch?”. The woman hardly looks like a positive character, whose advice is worth listening to. It does not seem too prosperous family life. But her words, perhaps, the moral of the film “Mama!”. If you feel pain — have to go, otherwise all you’ll be left with is a lump of coal on a pedestal.

Of course not to mention the acting. Jennifer Lawrence is a pity to the last. Even though you know a thousand times what she got herself locked up in this house and condemned to suffering, you still feel sorry for her. It is a stunning mix of feminine fragility and masculine strength. She built a house, and as she herself was imprisoned in it. And She is incredibly beautiful. In contrast, a little monstrous Javier Bardem. He precise manner plays two men, one sullen and indifferent to his woman, and the second is crowded with life of the poet, caught the Muse. How he experiences his job! And how he was dead cold to his woman. She interests him only where able to generate inspiration. He cynically uses it, not even knowing what she’s going through. Ed Harris in the role of seedy Men in a way the opposite of Him. Still, after a Woman suffers a couple just did it! The woman, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, is much more successful than Her. She is confident and believes that life is good. However, the viewer later unvarnished will see what is her arrogance by the example of her own children. In the first half of the film heroine Lawrence and Pfeiffer seem to be different, so in the second half of their pairs are the same.

After watching I had the feeling that I destroyed. Turned inside out, gutted, mauled, run over by a steamroller. I was depressed, overwhelmed, devastated. I felt myself standing on the ashes remaining from the house. “mom!” was for me one of the brightest kinesically.


Yes, I know that the original intention of the Director differs greatly from my personal understanding of the painting. However, if it’s a real art to leave the viewer the freedom of interpretation, abstracted from history and focusing on emotions?

10 out of 10

New review: mom! 03.10.2017

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