New review: mom! 04.10.2017

I can’t in any way relate themselves to the film critic or movie buff, even more so I have no any education in the arts.

I am proud to belong to the so-called ordinary people. Turning to fact, want to mention a small moment in the movie went on Tuesday after a rather heavy and busy day at the office.

Picture from the first frame suggests a recursion. The film definitely evokes emotion, and even some. One scene with a baby much takes me the desire to leave and more do not return. How can IT be called a movie? This is absolutely cruel and disgusting game of nerves without any clearance for a brighter future, always kept in mind the idea of “recursion”! How can I allow the idea to remove such savagery? People, Wake up! There are norms of morality, morality and other virtues, through which you can convey your idea without raping the mind of the viewer.

After reading a couple other reviews, I noticed references to the deeper meaning of the Bible. If you have nothing else to do, like going to the movies and then to find in it a hidden meaning similar to the Holy Scripture, this picture is clearly yours. For all those who understand that the parallel with the Bible you can find almost any movie, go further. As a layman, the point here is simple: narcissism, the desire to fall in love all in itself, and an absolute inability to learn from our mistakes and listen to people close to you. If you are a supporter or expression you love to look at incredibly deep meaning, he will certainly come! For people who are looking for inspiration or creative message, this film test the strength of the light that is within you. Again, “Mom!” causes a huge amount of emotion, but personally, my main emotion he has caused the rejection.

2 out of 10

New review: mom! 04.10.2017

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