New review: mom! 06.10.2017

The biggest mistake that can prevent a viewer starting to watch Darren Aronofsky’s film “Mother!” to try to understand all and to interpretirovat happening on the screen during viewing. Tape famous Director not only is Arthouse film wrapper in movies but is a rather multifaceted and complex allegorical work that does not involve rational perception of what is happening. To call Aronofsky Franz Kafka the world of cinema would be a hasty decision, but this film to fans of classic literature absurdistsky uniquely reminiscent of the famous writer. The story is logical in detail, but is an incredible phantasmagoria in its solid form. And that, to some extent good, because straight films with quite banal promises cinemas filled to ninety-nine percent.

The main character lives isolated from the world around the house with her husband, a writer. However, their life does not look like the idyll in nature. The writer has long since not visited by inspiration, but because he did not begin writing his book. During this time his wife had completely built the house and start finishing. Measured and monotonous life of the spouses violates one visit of a stranger, which will change their fate forever.

The film “mother!” it should be seen more as a fantasy drama with a strong Thriller element. As a horror movie this creature is not able to shake even a very impressionable audience. Tape Darren Aronofsky starts to impress from the first minute and cleverly builds up this sense of wonder until the very end. None of the characters of the story has no name, in the narrative never appears one geographical name, and the absence in the frame of modern technology, such as laptops, mobile phones and other fancy gadgets, do not allow even to assume a time when events develop. And it is a great advantage of the work, because bind show events to our world not worth it. The film takes place in a dimension: it has its own laws of nature and physics, to your normal. If what is happening on the screen like something is a dream in which the logic behavior is very peculiar, events tend to reflect in a very distorted form the most vivid and emotional experience sleeping, and the ending should be when the phantasmagoria taking place reaches its climax. In the dream, everything that happens starts as a mundane reality, and ends with madness. Darren Aronofsky tells his story in exactly the same way. It is difficult to distinguish reality from hallucinations, the reality of the situation from sleep. And is it necessary?

The main skill of the creators of this film lies in the fact that one story they manage to present as a metaphor completely unrelated to each other themes and meanings. Each viewer will see something different in the film, but this does not mean that the creators filmed two-hour nonsense, in which the audience is invited to see at least some sense, although in reality it is not there. Not at all. This is a real puzzle that has no one right solution, offering the viewer to ask rhetorical questions about art, politics, the relationship between the partners in the family, but not offering each of the specific decisions or views. In this respect, we can say, the tape Aronofsky resembles a kaleidoscope — each new plot twist dramatically changes what the viewer sees, each new combination of existing elements creates a new image. But this diversity is told by the creators of the history feels a clear vision of the authors of those affected and certain promises that were inherent in the story.

The undoubted advantage of the film is the acting. Although what is happening is able to unsettle even the most resistant and sophisticated audience, the actors not only fit naturally into what is happening, but is easily rebuilt at another plot twist that seemingly goes against what came before. As the events of the film become an unexpected twist, masterful performers of the main roles bring new paint into the images of their characters. Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence easily manages to portray all the facets of the relationship and feelings between their characters: the husband and wife, between whom the chasm of misunderstanding is brewing, the poet who draws inspiration in his Muse, the owner, who against the wishes of his wife let me into the house uninvited guests and is ready to give them everything, ignoring feelings and fear living with him women. Harmonious perception of the tape, how come all you can say about viewing filed in this manner history, largely provided by the fact that the actors masterfully rebuilt in time with the development of the mayhem going down, but because the viewer does not feel dissonance with what’s on screen, even if it is contrary to all conceivable laws of logic.

The film “mother!” — a definite event of the fall, worthy of viewing! Darren Aronofsky really took off a work of art, perhaps not perfect, perhaps not suitable for each viewer, perhaps controversial, but definitely worth it to spend two hours of your time to familiarize with it.

8 out of 10

New review: mom! 06.10.2017

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