New review: mom! 07.10.2017

Say: this film is not for the masses. Partly Yes, because a genius creates a masterpiece to not go crazy himself, and rarely thinks about the recipient of their messages. But we cannot say that the Hermitage is not for the masses… Looking at the pictures everyone sees her. And “Mama!” is not a movie. It is a picture. The attainment of which the first stage lasts for two hours, and then the whole of life. From corner to corner, from character to character tolerated your opinion and thoughts — you are looking at this creature, finding in it the keys are understandable only to you. It was only much later they will lead you to understanding more than your life — the universe — which, as it turns out, we are directly involved.

You are probably surprised at the number of genres, which include “mother!” while no one can tell you what the movie’s about. It’s like that answer, why we live. However, throughout the picture is as if scattered Easter eggs and everyone will find his on his own level of understanding, development, attitudes, knowledge. Thus, each takes after the film that bleeding. And because this is a film for everyone.

Personally, I first saw the ultimate sacrifice, which is capable of loving a mortal man. Giving all, and even the heart, — the one to whom it belongs, and dying from it, we do it knowingly. It is this love in the end will build the World anew. Each of us needs to love to create inside the same pure and Holy crystal to save the world, humanity, family.

Speaking about the plot, I urge you to forget about it! Break away from linearity and taste of paint painted the House. Imagine that before the first knock on the door our world doesn’t exist. And then start. Start with the fact that He represents everything you do not comprehend the Mother. Continue the scene of the fratricide, after which shed blood corrodes the place to the ground. And finish with a list of character names on IMDb. Only after these steps, I realized that there is a totally different story. In order for the puzzle came together, it takes time. And a little thought. Take your time. After all, this is probably the plan is “non-mass” of the Director to collect cash on those who do not understand the first time and went to the second.

New review: mom! 07.10.2017

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