New review: mom! 10.10.2017

Darren Aronofsky is a unique Director. His controversial and unconventional look at the film mesmerizing. Every picture can be understand in detail, because in any shot he puts profound implication. It is the rare case when that happens on the screen is not a standard Hollywood movie, and it looks like a complex multi-level body that lead not just to watch but to think about what is happening.

Was no exception and the latest work of the Director — “mom!”. From the first minute of this action Aronofsky throws the viewer a challenge, as if trying to test his brain and to ask: “And if you can understand this approach?” And, not trying to explain anything, shows such events, from which the hair stand on end, and there is quite logical question: “What is it all now?”

But do not hurry up to throw in a new tape of a talented Director tomatoes. It is not so bad as it might seem at first glance. On the contrary, is only a little imagination and reflect on what they saw, how everything falls into place and opens a new, completely unnoticed by many Plast, founded by Director in this movie.

After considering the old Testament in his “Noah” Aronofsky returns to the biblical story and completely unexpected for the audience metaphors onto a screen. To describe the techniques used by the author for the image of religious motives, I will not, because it will be a kind of spoiler, however, I will say that this manner of presentation is fascinating and surprising.

The final third act of the picture — this is another story that stands out. For cinema like experience is something completely new, so in Hollywood cliches “mom!” just do not catch. Darren says above is very global, philosophical questions: Who are we and whether have the right to live on Earth? Are we willing to accept each other? Can the planet endure all the pain and suffering we bring her? Asking these questions Director answers them quite clearly, showing the audience a real parable about the cyclical nature of life on Earth.

If we talk about the acting work, it’s hard not to notice a great game Jennifer Lawrence, embodied here in the manner of cornered wife of the poet. Oscar-winning actress is definitely to compete for a statuette, as what she showed in this picture is just a delight. Good and her on-screen partner Javier Bardem. Although it is, of course, slightly inferior to the simplicity and subtlety of his partner. The other showed exactly what should have been. No more, no less. Can’t say that someone has struck me, but the game was very high quality and reliable.

On the technical side of the picture of reasoning does not make sense, as this rate was completely different. Although it is recognized that the sound work was carried out absolutely fantastic. He plays this tape a big role.

And, whatever anyone says, don’t listen to anyone, trust only your heart and my eyes. This film is intelligent, thoughtful audience and, if you are such, and love the extraordinary film, “Mama!” is exactly like you.

Direction — 8 out of 10

Scenario — 8 out of 10

Camera work is a 7 out of 10

Acting — 10 out of 10

The artists — 8 out of 10

Visual effects — 7 out of 10

Installation — 6 out of 10

Music (in the film it is not)

Depth of ideas — 10 of 10

The novelty of the genre — 10 of 10

Total: 74/9 = 8,22

8 out of 10

New review: mom! 10.10.2017

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