New review: mom! 10.10.2017

As you know, God created the world in six days and on the seventh decided that all is well and went to rest. Aronofsky had sketched out the script of his film five days, however, diligently rehearsing with the actors, the choreography of movement in the frame. Big plans he gave to his sweetheart the feminist Jennifer Lawrence and her perfect Breasts to flirt with metaphors, he did not and swung at all the key stories of the Bible from the appearance and the expulsion of Adam and eve to the death of Christ. And what could be — Darren quietly invites us in for a Cup of horror and whiskey to get to hear what he thinks about the world and humanity. And for such theses September after the heat and leave Aronofsky’s impossible not to respect.

But the Bible is a tricky thing: every episode written pages of interpretation, sacred subtleties that are impossible to visualize modernized retelling, but still almost in hysterics. Inevitably it turns out that Darren simplifies each story takes its clumsy an actual example of that in the propaganda purposes, and bad, but bad in order to subtly creative. Thousands of years people are struggling with the question whether the world is someone, and if created intentionally, then why is he so imperfect. Mighty minds accuse God and justify it. This is to ensure that Darren was not the first to notice the evil of the world, but perhaps one of the first men showed such a radical defense of women and such a radical indictment of men.

If the main role is taken by Javier Bardem, this is should direct you on the idea that it will be the role of a scoundrel, rascal or unintentional perpetrator of someone’s grief. From the first frames and replicas of It have, in General, understood the coming conflict, the task Aronofsky is only to make you hate the character of Bardem to the creaking of the teeth. The character Lawrence is moving on the rut Polanski in “rosemary’s Baby”: first, she, like MIA Farrow, plays absolutely full of sheep, that in the final be seeing a lioness. This I mean that the pole of the characters defined from the beginning, and torture is to an hour and a half to watch the “profane virtues”, and this is, to put it mildly, not very subtly. Many critics took that tone of voice for repentance and self-praise at the same time — Yes, they say, a bastard I am, but I am the Creator. Again, not subtly, but can’t but cause respect. And how to make the viewer feel the pain of the character, consistently dragging after him through all the torture?

Going by the text of the Bible and illustrating its key points, Aronofsky is trying to make us witnesses to your point of view, to make to respond to the biblical actions without the sacred veil. What would you do with Adam and eve, if they came into your house, they thrived and their sons defiled it with blood? Until the mother-matter-the Earth will suffer the Orgy of consumption on your lawn? So if “Nothing” is doing the Creator, and whether what he does bring to the victims? Agree to ask such questions in the face of the audience, which increasingly strained over the popcorn, rather boldly. Or stupid? But who else would you ask them?

Aronofsky shows the story of one victim, one mother, one Muse. All he had sewn with weak thread — and how He and she live in a house in the middle of the field, and why and how she has built the whole house and put all the plumbing while He’s lifted anything heavier than a pencil, rhymes and glass of alcohol, and why men are shown as a total stupid redneck evil one misanthropic paint. As in any passionate campaign speech here you can see a lot of distortions and ear prityagivaya, but who still so passionately penetrated into the pain and despair of women, and so were forced to feel ashamed of themselves for the world built by men and revolving around men?

From Aronofsky turned out a kind of Leo Tolstoy aka God, which is almost as drove my wife to despair and madness, their selfishness and their Creativity. But is it possible and do I need to bring God to a man selfish, and the sacrifice of the virgin and Christ to the criminal misunderstanding and blind cannibalism? Aronofsky offers us a solution, some kind of light, a is the charge, its despair and darkness. One selfishness he in fact opposes another selfishness and denies any greatness of sacrifice for the Men, people. Such atheism and feminism in one. God is a jerk, and so women have to be smarter then to not be excruciatingly painful for sacrificially lived years. The hero of Dostoevsky said: “a man, I’d narrowed the” world picture Darren, on the other hand, I want to expand. And the man harder, the woman harder and harder God, and the world harder and harder evil, but because the film, of course, for a long time sitting in memory, but emotional speech half-drunk friend who you’re going to its not fucking clear life.

7 out of 10

New review: mom! 10.10.2017

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