New review: mom! 10.10.2017

Judging by the reviews and impressions have watched the acclaimed film Mother, there are three types of opinions about the painting: the judgment of those in the picture and realized they liked; those who understood and did not like them; and, finally, those who did not understand and so they extremely do not like up to irritation. Actually the lack of reviews, which is expressed only shrug and the words, “like anything/Yes so-so” to everything that is happening on the screen definitely makes this movie an act of art.

The main problem of those who jumps out of the cinema with the words of curses and swearing in the address of the Director that they came to a genre film. I enjoy presenting the faces of those who naively went to a mystical Thriller with Mockingjay, not Aronofsky. This film is an allegory, riddled with metaphors and allusions, which in any case can not be taken literally.

mother! excessively complex movie with a lot of plot lines that are superimposed on each other, forming a huge ideological kom, is dumped on the viewer. However, these storylines so neatly and logically woven into the narrative that did not cancel or contradict each other. Here and the attempts of art, standing at the head of the corner, and motherhood, and the relationship of men and women, environmental problems, migration and violence, the problems of the universe, etc.

In addition, the film is littered with biblical quotes, where Harris and Pfeiffer in the role of Adam and eve, grekhovodnik, break the forbidden fruit, brother killing brother, where the main characters Mary and Joseph lose his son for the salvation of mankind. Those who say that these things absolutely do not understand and have not seen, because he is not a connoisseur of the old and New Testaments, are evil. You’re not in the forest grew, and your religious beliefs and nihilistic beliefs do not play any role here. You just took the movie literally, not metaphorically.

Amid all this phantasmagoria Bardem is God and Lawrence is — Land, which created a cozy world with heaven upstairs in the office and hell down in the basement. And this vain, selfish God seeks only to human adoration, not noticing as the destroyed world of Earth. And then she was. And all of this infinitely repeated many times and there is no escape. Apparently, According to this blasphemous and pessimistic situation dissonant with all the Christian tenets, not seen, but it would be poor Darren the way to Russia would be ordered.

However, I took it from the other side. To me, the character Lawrence is seen by God with an unconditional love for Bardem — Man. The house is the earth that God gave Man, and the people who come to this little Paradise is the sins that the hero overcome. The man loves only the love of God for me, asking and demanding it more and more, and satisfy his own sins, destroys the main divine gift.

Actually hayateli film and criticize Aronofsky for this abundance of pathos that leads to the poster-some of his statements. Given the purpose of the Director to throw a bomb into the pop-culture, some dosugovoj and loud categorically appropriate here. Another thing is that the author’s desire to push the boundaries of audience perception seem a bit snobbish, because nothing like this happens. While the mystery surrounding the paintings gives them fancy clothes and inflated ego. Well, we are all not without sin. Including the creators.

It’s a shame that we do not get to the end to worry about the heroine. It seems to us a little unreal, even despite the subjective perception of the story and only her eyes. The reason for this is the very narrative of the film, which is too closely associated with the Sacred Scripture, and thus separates It from us. For all that, mom! very interesting because everyone interprets for himself movie in its own way finding symbols, values and meanings.

8 out of 10

New review: mom! 10.10.2017

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