New review: mom! 19.09.2017

A couple consisting of a young girl-housewife and poet of middle age, living in a remote house located somewhere on the edge of the forest. Once in the door a stranger calls, which is the new village doctor and says that he pointed to this house as a place to stay for the night. Despite the obvious mistake, the owner is welcome to invite guest to your house, but the girl seemed to be somewhat worried — after all, she has invested heavily in upgrading their homes and now are afraid of any external intervention in its orders.

Darren Aronofsky, of course, is currently one of the most underrated Directors of our time. Moreover, this underestimation is not, strictly speaking, applies to his films: quite a few people appreciated such films as “Requiem for a dream”, “Black Swan” or “Noah”. However, in the mass consciousness somehow not traced any connection between these separate paintings. Most of my friends and acquaintances do not even know that they were taken by the same person, and even called his name, and all will be able to unit. Around Darren Aronofsky somehow never have the aura of awareness around many other modern Directors: take, for example, Christopher Nolan or David Fincher. In their case, only one name can attract people to cinemas. With Darren Aronofsky does not.

Bad or good: to actually decide to him alone. Another thing is that this lack of a kind of a trademark he learned well to use, each time artfully deceiving the potential audience. Called the picture “the wrestler”, is served in the promotional campaign as a typical “Boxing drama” take the lead role of Mickey Rourke, and the resulting output of the astonished audience, exchanging their hard earned on a heavy, philosophical, and social tragedy. Or invite starring Natalie Portman and Mila kunis, all served with sauce of the psychological Thriller, and again patiram palm, looking at how people are astonished by what you see on the screen. I’m not talking about how Aronofsky brilliantly fooled everyone with his version of biblical Noah. “Mother!” he did and reached an extreme degree of sophistication: the minimum of words about the story in the press, the complete absent of any hints in the official sources, a series of trailers, showing movie almost like a typical, cliched horror movie, and even supercast in the face of Lawrence, Bardem, Harris and Pfeiffer. Only a man who understands who and Aronofsky as he usually takes, in such a situation will be mentally prepared to what is happening on the screen. The vast majority of the newly planted only confused hands and shrug. Ah Yes, Aronofsky…

We have to admit that I was surprised and a few times. First, the film “Mama!” really makes an impression, let it not trivial enough and cleverly filmed, but still relatively nowadaysthey a horror movie. But then, when the degree of madness and absurdity reaches its climax, it becomes clear that the film is not a Thriller or a horror, it is again, as is often the case with Aronofsky, very social parable, consisting of several levels of meanings. Here you and frankly grinpisovtsev the explanation about how the inept and criminally people refer to his “home”, and arguments about the origins of inspiration in the life of any of the demiurge, and many biblical references with blatant disapproval of certain actions of the Creator (that is against this film, it was necessary to hold a meeting Orthodox activists, not against “Matilda”). The film “mother!” was a picture it would be nice to see a second time, or at least carefully rewind it back in memory. How many are just “wired” such that it is not evident at first view: from “Adam’s rib”, the expulsion from Paradise and the story of Cain Abel, ending with the great flood, the emergence of the Church and the phenomenon of you-know-who people. All of this frames a really strong role, Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, and stylish camera work, which at the beginning was somewhat irritated, but then became the cornerstone of 10-minute scenes, which is obliged to enter in all the textbooks on cinematic art.

In short, Aronofsky again all deceived. Promised stylish Thriller, and showed a deep, multi-layered, metaphorical drama that is likely to remain one of the best representatives of the genre, at least this year. I really hope for a bunch of Oscars, though I understand that such films are awarded very rarely. Well and God with them, which, however, we clearly demonstrated in the film “Mama!”.

9 out of 10

New review: mom! 19.09.2017

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