New review: mom! 19.09.2017

Oh, mother! And I want to say when watching this film, especially in the middle. The events of the beginning of the film allowed me to relax while browsing. I expected everyone, but this certainly does could not expect! Primal fear. That’s what this movie planted in me, these people, these crazy bad people vehemently put pressure on the psyche, causing shudder and watch with wide gaping mouth. When watching this movie, and he fully justifies the title of psychological Thriller, I didn’t let go of the feeling of helplessness and despair. I got a full immersion in the film, completely out of their extraneous thoughts, and so I can be rare. As a Thriller the movie just exceeded my expectations!

But not only stitched Thriller… This film has a huge psychological underpinnings. Namely, revealing the majority of the consumer attitude of people to each other. Or all the good it seems. Behind the mask of a loving and caring husband hid the face of a soulless monster, but at first and assume I could not afford this turn of events. This film is not afraid of monsters flying out of the closet or TV, not clowns with balloons, and a large necton inherent in us by nature, to preserve their gelise, your house, your little corner in this world. And what can happen when your peaceful existence to invade them?!

10 out of 10

New review: mom! 19.09.2017

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