New review: mom! 26.09.2017

Another painting with a biblical Foundation is what is lacking in the modern cinema. (label: sarcasm)

Techniques for shooting with the domestic Comedy of the film, in principle, known — we take a banal trend of the situation and withdrawn about her “life Comedy for the whole family.”

Aronofsky pulls off the same trick, but instead “an ordinary Russian wedding” we’ve got “ordinary Christian morality”.

Own story as, in principle, own the characters in this film — solid symbols, allegories and references. It would be a good idea — probably the film would have to take the vision of Aronofsky, but what is happening on the screen Orgy somehow even vision ashamed to call.

You can pull the plot from there, twist here, a narrative style here and there and call the resulting Frankenstein something solid, monolithic, its.

And so, it would seem that a new Lynch, as suddenly, the bottom line:

Incredibly tight cloth, the value of which can fit in a fifteen minute short film.

The complete lack of tension and suspense throughout the session.

The camera work in the style of “face closeup in unfavorable angles a La Your photo on frontalka hangover” is also not drawn to the chip.

The plot twists in the level one series “Rick and Morty” for Reuland.

Lean the motive of the “Jesus suffered and you suffer. Suffer for two hours.”

Other religious innovations genius Director.

In the world of directing is really a lot of unrecognized geniuses, but the path to them Aronofsky turned somewhere.

Boring, vulgar and disgusting.

3 out of 10

New review: mom! 26.09.2017

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