New review: mom! 27.09.2017

Darren Aronofsky considers that throws a grenade into pop culture and see what will come out of this. And I think that Darren Aronofsky throws a bag of piss from the balcony at the old ladies at the entrance and see what will come out of this. In other words, a pompous snob. Too publicized and empty art-house, too arrogant and bland for the masses. But he feels confident in the genre pseudointellectual movie producer, after which the average person can feel the touch to something refined, to amuse the vanity, to assert their superiority over others, and even, perhaps, to think about something “high”.

Yes, the film felt the author’s handwriting, familiar from past movies, but it is not something brilliant and interesting. Just a simple set of stamps, which the author drags behind him everywhere like an old trouble-free other. “Mother!” like other Aronofsky films, there is no depth, too superficial, predictable. The school bully is not so tough kid, when it takes several years and looking at him as an outsider.

Biblical reference? This is a thing that can focus an inexperienced viewer, namely a fan of Aronofsky. And it’s certainly not something to be puffed up. If you dig deeper, after the arrival of the bald doctor every step and progress to read ahead. The content is empty. Form — potentially interesting, but it is filmed by graphomaniac. But enough philosophical film for underachieving student course commercials first or second.

Camera work? All the same handwriting Aronofsky shaky camera and close-UPS. Nothing new. Here is the myth that it’s horrors. What is the horror you will not be tense, for example, and watch half of the movie surprised face of the main character. Ordinary drama, just filled with blood and covered with a rug. But, it is worth noting, Lawrence looks great in the role of nurse, housewife, or milkmaids. Then a precise hit.

What is more allocate in reviews? Yes all that is possible to pull the ears. Better yet, what drew them to a Valley in reviews of jellyfish, such local authority. And then it reveals a fantastic and deep (actually not) the idea of the author! And can still stuff to repeat? To call the film deep metaphor, Lawrence — mother nature and love, to mention introspection? No, thank you.

If you compare this film with the girls with whom you have relationships is a sixteen-year-old mommy nihilist or singed in a sweatshirt with the logo “Thrasher”, which is interesting to walk once or twice along the promenade with a bottle of wine, but no more. But if you are not sure about the pretentiousness of this work — remember how many movies entitled with a lowercase letter.

New review: mom! 27.09.2017

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