New review: mom! 28.09.2017

We all certainly look forward to every film coming out of some of the eminent Director of the contemporary, which determines what the movie will be in the future. Darren Aronofsky is a real gray Eminence of this art form. Taking rarely, but neatly, he always puts before itself only one purpose — whatever it was to not leave the viewer indifferent to their stories. And in principle it is possible to understand even if the movie is bad, it still causes at least some sense, he still is delayed in your heart, even against your will. But if the film causes only indifference and erode your mind faster than any regular pop-music hit — this means that the author with the task failed, he was not able to harm you, to reach the depths of your soul (if we have it, of course).

Armed with these principles, even in his debut film “PI” Aronofsky over the years has perfected his skills and made a film which you can discuss and discuss endlessly berate Director and praise. Yeah, he really threw a grenade into pop culture, as promised, to see what happens. Nothing to say, Dickens got his way. His new film with the modest title, “mother!” did not leave anyone indifferent. Even me, a man who has long abandoned writing reviews he made to sit up the pen to pour out the thoughts that have accumulated when viewing this painting.

Betting on complete secrecy of the plot, so much so that even the trailer gave a very vague idea of what’s the movie, Darren not lost. It begins as a simple Thriller. Two people, He and She live in seclusion away from the Madding crowd. He is a once successful writer, experiencing the tragedy of the past and suffering from a creativity crisis. She — his wife, his support. It is the House that protects it, protects it from outside influence. Yeah, yeah, I don’t call the heroine Jennifer Lawrence House, because the naked eye can see how they are connected, she and the house…

And then in their life, like a hurricane, burst into two people openly abuse the hospitality of the hostess, and causing inexplicable, the infinite sympathy of the owner. These people are so vicious and selfish — except that of disgust did not cause. Especially the heroine, Michelle Pfeiffer. And the further — the worse. The film is like a snowball rolling from the mountain, forming an avalanche. Like the flap of a butterfly wing, forming terrible natural disasters. How else to describe everything that is happening in the second half of the movie? Beginning as a psychological Thriller with high-voltage tension between the characters, it turns into a real Apocalypse, chaos chamber the size of a house. And the more you look at all this madness, this chaos, the more puzzled why He suffers, why he is ready to forgive any meanness, any crap from these parasites that destroyed his House — his creation…

Although should you be asking this question? Aronofsky, albeit too exaggerated, but how else to emphasize the metaphorical form of a film, reveals all dark essence parasitic human nature. Which no stop at nothing for their own convenience or benefit, even if at stake will stand the life of the Home in which he lives, the life of Mother Earth, whose heart is beating slower and slower within those walls… And you, looking at all this I think why is this person? What prevents us to live differently and take care of your home and of each other. This is particularly relevant today, when our world is on the verge of something. Or was he always like this? How many people died, or will die because of religious or racial prejudice? And that God or Mother? They are the first power of the creative and contemplative, they always forgive, because you can always start…

In General, Darren Aronofsky did it again, he was able to touch the depths of my soul, made me once again think about something higher than myself or all of us. Real space and at the same time very intimate film. Mind you, without any musical accompaniment or special effects attracts attention, especially the one scene of the Apocalypse where I forgot how to breathe, so skillfully she removed. The film also refers to the Danish Directors adherents of Dogma. Clearly influenced by Lars von Trier and his countrymen. Not to mention the fact that they both apparently notorious misanthropes, judging by their films. Even while watching I was reminded of the “Tree of life” and “Journey time” of Terrence Malick, in which he also says a lot about his Mother, and about how important it is for each of us.

And of course the film wouldn’t be so good if not for his two Central characters — He and She. Jennifer Lawrence is really beautiful, no wonder she has so many close-UPS. While watching unwittingly begin to experience… a kind of intimate, spiritual connection with her character, you begin to feel everything that she feels, see the world through her eyes, breathe her air. It’s just a striking effect, for a long time so I was not filled with character. Javier Bardem as beautiful. He has his own way wise and inspired. From him emanates something of the divine.

By far one of the best films of the year. A film-Manifesto-a provocation from one of the most important Directors of our time. Now ask yourself, those who do not like the movie. You hate him because you don’t understand, or because on the contrary understand?

New review: mom! 28.09.2017

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