New review: mom! 29.09.2017

And this is not the beginning of negative opinion about the viewed film. In this case, this is a big plus. This movie is so far down in my brain and sprouted roots in the unconscious that the arguments about him not leaving me even after a night full of similar to the plot of the dreams.

It would seem that the brain during the night to process and sort out. But the feelings that are in the wrapper “bytovuhi” (as shouted someone from the audience) made his way to the head, was very ambiguous. Long trampled in the dust a long discussion and some lengthy insights of a well known biblical motifs, slightly updated (with a new character in old ideas seems to be present but is not considered) are presented here in some amazing dish. You eat it, eat it. Trying to recognize a familiar taste. “Is this fish or chicken?” And only at the very end, having found on the bottom of the bowl a nasty piece of flesh, like finger or eyes, you begin to understand how all this time you were fed. And the first feeling is naturally a protest. You would never have agreed to try this if I knew all the ingredients. But the comparison with food is good only half. Because of the nasty food you can get, having also seized her. Fortunately GIT has such a property. But to unsee the movie has not come out. Although in the case of food is also quite questionable solution to a moral problem, but it becomes easier.

So, the brain already let yourself in this information. Diligently trying to understand what you see, you open it. And it (the information), hiding behind a carnival mask, penetrating you, filling all your living space. And then starts to behave like a shameless guest in the film. Hosts, making the message of the film even more paradoxical and obvious. Try not to understand how you behave in someone else’s house, when your brain (ie your house) do the same. The effect is stunning. Because my brain just will have to react. You won’t be able to say that it was not. To my delight, the author of the script and the Director. It’s incredibly skillful technique. Double the impact. Perhaps, the first interactive movie. When you don’t just empathize with the heroine, including their mirror neurons, but actually begin to feel the presence of the uninvited guests-thoughts in my head.

Now about the heroine. In fact, about Mom. It’s clear that this is mother nature, and the house – this is our Land. And God creates it (nature), and it creates our world, doing repairs in the house are uncertain strokes the plaster on the wall. But in my childhood ideas about biblical stories, such a character was not. It did not exist in the biblical world. She was somehow separate. Itself. And love it I was taught apart from a religious view of the universe. While it is clear her image was to take in there some place. And this film takes and somehow very harmoniously and easily weaves the two, in my opinion, the hotel of the epic. And this is a big breakthrough. It is a huge stone in the garden of religions, which still did not bother to find a place in his teachings for this image. I’m not saying that the story should be the only faithful reading of the Bible, as it finally completed and a holistic (although the temptation is, of course). But as a “variation” is a very good example.

We can also speculate about God the Creator. There are a lot of thoughts. And personally, I have a lot of claims to the image. However, such a reading allows my brain to be. Why not? And the love shown here is very contradictory, although very much like the truth.

I’m too lazy to write more. This is only a small part of my never-ending arguments. Don’t want to impose my views, so in the end I want to pay special attention to the authorship of MY argument. Importantly, the film provides the stage for these arguments. And this long I have not met in the movies.

New review: mom! 29.09.2017

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