New review: Monsters of the South 10.10.2017

We are in the middle of voids among the eternal ways, and among nowhere. You’re a traveler, or a single mother running from an evil man, or a crook on the run? Or just someone guilty? Then the road will be your cradle and cover, and possibly the grave. But there is something nice endless escape from everything burdening the soul, run all night, drive on the freeway to nowhere, to eternity, illuminated by moonlight, which of your sins looks like decent actions, but a sense of shame disappears, in order to erode by midnight and to catch in the morning. Marching on the roads at night, and throwing sin, and you, dear traveler will not notice how you find yourself in the twilight zone. The path of the zone of twilight joined Mick and Jack, and you better not ask how they had a wild night, it will sound a chord for girls from the jazz band, she will respond with pieces of bones on the windshield of a successful husband zasmotrevshihsya on the screen of the mobile. Sinners will find themselves where navigation GPS don’t have the power. Lost, they find the roads are dark, others that will lead to sad, hilarious, and terrifying deeds, and strange. At night the roads or the listener it is impossible to make a move. If you’re a sinner, especially if you sinful soul. Or it you have never had.

A tangle of charming stories about sinners, so you can describe this anthology.

The devil in this film somewhere near them, maybe it broadcasts this scathing monologues on the radio, or sat down at the wall of the seedy bar in town, lost among the stars and the desert. At night the paths where the righteous no, it can happen anywhere. Happens.

A strong correlation of the events with innuendo which, in principle, desirable, because we sometimes do not want to know the whole, full picture, completeness of the description sometimes spoils, leaving no room to the imagination.

The Directors sought to show the history, taken out of context, the situation in the spirit of urban legends in real time. It was, it happened here son, here’s some of the characters are faced with.. something beyond imagination, so that happens only at night so that tell in the firelight. Bikes roads meet on the way South. In these spaces we will see only sinners, but we like it, because sin is primary in human nature, go to sin, if you have the spirit whispers to us the night. Maybe you will be able not only to forget his demons, but also make new friends?

The creators and then throwing open the doors to the expanse of the night their children, show viewers simple but amusing cadavers, sometimes refer to the good old classics about ancient creatures that lived and performed their dark rituals in the middle of deserts. Sometimes we see portals between dimensions, where inadvertently fall casual travelers, all United by the thread of sin, the night and the voice of a radio announcer who seemed already knows what the outcome of these stories, helpful crawling snake eating its own tail. It will not be boring, stories are very durable, and very smooth relationship, which clearly does not hurt the eyes and does not leave issues, faces flow into one to one and it is a pleasure to watch. We are faced with various manifestations of evil on these roads, each has its own strong character. Everyone is keen in your appearance and leads us to a new attraction around the corner, the balance is observed.

I put a solid four, so to achieve the suspense, not really resorting to computer effects or visual, it should be able to, team Directors tried, and gave a thrilling movie. We can say that the presence of Larry Fessenden in the film, it is always the calling card for a certain fitness while browsing. Or the Larry has a professional flair. Only knows the South.

New review: Monsters of the South 10.10.2017

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