New review: Moonlight 12.10.2017

Clear that Oscar without ostrosotsialnye drama a La the Moonlight is not enough. But the film is very interesting.

Moonlight consists of three parts in the style of “Childhood”, “Adolescence”, “Youth”. In the first we see of them silent and useless boy who is not yet aware of its otherness, but in fully experiencing the rejection of her peers. Next, our boy has grown up, but the same rejected. He is ready to admit his “unconventional”, but suffers a betrayal from the one in whom they found a kindred spirit.

The action takes place very slowly, but holds the attention of the audience with his mood, oppressive and dreary atmosphere, which is very aesthetically pleasing and even beautiful in its neon brightness.

And in the third part of the interest is gradually fading, because everything becomes dull and sentimental. We see the hero, is elected the path of denial himself, became the same drug dealer as the one that sold narocito his mother and whose actions he, as a boy, condemned. Closer to the finale, we overly clearly explains that though a hero now and excessively brutal, he’s still the same gentle boy in need of love. And in the end finish off the slobber end: “No one but you never touched me”.

Notice that all the actors are very good. Especially two boys, great transmission are still kids and the adults experiences. And all without vulgarity. And the work of the art Director is wonderful. And if the third part was not or she was not so banal, the film would have deserved was treated kindly.

But the question arises why the idea of the film about the independent election their way is to ensure that the sexual orientation of the hero is due to the fact what kind of man he became. It turns out that this beautiful thought just leads to the fact that the hero has two choices: stay all broken gay or be a drug dealer? And does the fact someone nights embracing influences what kind of person he is: honest or dishonest?

6.5 out of 10

New review: Moonlight 12.10.2017

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