New review: Movie 43 13.08.2017

In early 2013, when he released the much anticipated film “Movie 43”, I was still in 9th grade. The film won the age limit is 18, so the session was able to get only those of my classmates who looked. I remember the next day after watching the movie they came under the impression, but to tell what actually was the film, refused. I thought Movie 43 — just porn film shown in the cinema (this opinion was formed only one of the rumors, without watching the trailer), but it was not so…

Look me it failed two years later after the release. I was in shock and disbelief, as the film left after viewing an ambiguous impression. On the one hand, it was really fun, dark humor to me personally in most cases “went.” On the other hand, the film struck me as vile and disgusting.

This movie is a bunch of black humor. It consists of several episodes, each of which has its own history. Among them are like really funny and stupid. Most pleased with the game of “Truth or dare”, the phrase “will You poop on me” and the very first episode involving Winslet and Jackman. Of course, Chloe grace Moretz as always was charming even in a black Comedy. What would there not talking, but it is the participation of stars of the first magnitude made this Comedy unique. Nobody expected THIS from all of them. The actors showed that they do not care about public opinion, they can play any of the badass role and not be ashamed of it. So a bit funny to read comments like “How Jackman agreed to this?!”. He was not forced, he just had fun in this role to the fullest!

A big minus of the film is the connecting link of all episodes, the fictional Movie 43. The idea can and should be refined, it remains a little buggy.

Watch “Movie 43” or not — business of everyone. Consensus, as can be seen from the reviews, the users did not happen. Some are thrilled, others in anger. However, I can say for sure one thing — this is the film that is impossible to forget. Excerpts from it just don’t want to fade from memory, and that’s it! This definitely is the highlight.

6 out of 10

New review: Movie 43 13.08.2017

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