New review: Mr. Hobbs takes a holiday 30.09.2017

“I read somewhere that you can’t live someone else’s life instead of his own, and you’ll go crazy if you try to do it. I am sure that the same is true for the family, because sooner or later mom and dad give them freedom. Children become adults and live their lives. Right?”

The stunning warmth of the film is painted in bright colors, accompanied by light background music, creating a feeling of incredible comfort inside, for two hours.

The story takes us back to 1962-the year, straight to the office of Roger Hobbs, who once again is going to take a vacation for a joint holiday with his beloved wife and how he wants, without children.

“I love them very much, but from afar. For example, never in my life I didn’t love Katie the way after her admission to school 900 miles away.”

And yet, fate brings Roger “the perfect gift” — a comfortable house on the ocean — with “perfectly functioning pump for water is established and the kitchen sink” — it will be forced to share throughout the month with all their offspring. And their offspring too. And some very interesting personalities that turn this vacation into something unforgettable fun!

“Anybody who wants tonight to take a bath, can jump in the Pacific ocean”.

The film itself, despite the serious message it carries, very easy — one of those while watching that don’t feel stress, strong emotions for the characters — you know, that in any case the ending is kind and good, all problems will be solved without any losses. Any barb, hatred is turned to irony, everything is soft and harmless.

And finally, two of the most important moment in the film is a perfect James Stewart, at the sight of which the heart melts, and the face breaks into a smile, and ve-Li-Ko-LEP-th humor!

The whole movie wants to take away the quotes, which, unfortunately, is not so easy to find on the Internet.

8 out of 10

New review: Mr. Hobbs takes a holiday 30.09.2017

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