New review: Mr. Nobody 26.09.2017

Absolutely beautiful, deep, philosophical film. And surprisingly pleased about a reliable prediction of the results of their actions it is interesting to know, probably everyone.

Something I recalled the movie Cloud Atlas, although, of course, Mr. Nobody had been shot before. However, some characters in different situations, the world of the future — similarity is observed. And corresponds to the level of graphics and visual worlds overlap, and the main character talks about his previous life. But Yes, the film is not about that.

Probably each of us would like to accurately represent the consequences of actions. Turn right — after 100 metro will fall into a pit, but you will find a lucky lottery ticket. Turn left — you will see a beautiful flowering tree, but will sling dirty water on the car. The main character is just in the position of a man who talks about the different options of your life. The question is, will his knowledge be happy? It tsutsvang or not there is a right and wrong choice? The film raises questions and not answers.

I really liked the main character. Yes, it is, Jared Leto, built the entire movie. It depended on him, you’re spitting from acting, or to marvel at it. Only recently came the suicide Squad where his role is not so impressed. But then, in my opinion, the level of game several notches higher. Just wonderful. And great company it was Diane Kruger, who played Anna. Between the main characters such spark, such life and passion that it quickens the rest of the picture, no matter how pale, in some places, it may seem. Well can’t life always be exciting and impressive.

Only the ending spoiled the experience somewhat. A moment when, in my opinion, has teamed up neobhodimoe. And here the coherent system of the film if not collapsed, it is very much staggered. No, the episode of communicating with the wife of the deceased very strong, brain-breaking, brincou. But the concept of the rest of the movie, it fits very poorly. It’s a shame. After all, everything else looks very logical and connected.

The idea of lecturing I actually really liked it. Introduction scientific notes gives it weight. It’s funny, but, like, all that tells the protagonist, standing at the blackboard are elements actually existing theories. A kind of reading turned out:) But who here something bear?

Very unusual film. You can compare him, probably still the butterfly Effect, but the idea, of course, different. The more movies they watch, the more there is of the associations. But I like movies not called. I really liked it. Great.

8 out of 10

New review: Mr. Nobody 26.09.2017

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