New review: Mr. Stein is online 05.10.2017

“MR. STEIN IS ONLINE” — amazing and incredible love story from French Director Stephanie Robel, who is once again trying to light a bright spark in the cold hearts of millions of audience. And now after watching I find it hard to find the words because emotions are really going through the roof, and the feelings overwhelm the soul, turning a seemingly simple watching a movie in a true celebration of life.

In the story of an elderly widower relatives give the computer in the hope to brighten up the heavy burden of loneliness, and by pure chance he stumbles upon a Dating site where he meets a young beauty. He pretends to be a young guy, and is fastened to the incredible sensitivity Internet usage, thus not noticing that the time has come for a new stage of relations. The main character begins to prepare for a romantic rendezvous, knowing that the deception lasted, he is now taking emergency measures.

Appreciating this movie, to say well, to say nothing, because it’s a real classic French sitcom, which is impossible to break. A touching story with all kindness covers the viewer’s tender lyrics feelings, but most importantly, demonstrates the power of simple poignant words coming from the heart. During the viewing, the viewer will be immersed in an endless ocean of joyful emotions, even tears radiate a sincere happiness. You can, of course, long to praise the ensemble cast and terrific casting, but if you just look at one of Pierre Richard, it immediately becomes clear why he is a great artist and a wonderful person with a capital letter.

Excellent production is complemented by a variety of locations, music, light and sound installation. Of course, the success of the film owes a great scenario, but still I suppose that this film relates more to the category where the story pulls talented actors with incredible charisma and a fine touch to your image.

Definitely strongly recommend everyone to watch this picture and get unforgettable emotions.

Pleasant viewing.

New review: Mr. Stein is online 05.10.2017

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