New review: Munich 28.07.2017

Spielberg took nearly three-hour movie with a bunch of stars on a very serious topic — about the terrorist attack in 1972 at the Olympic games.

The movie itself, starting from this event, tells what happened next. As the guys who decided to fight against this scourge, in fact it is not won, and only broke their fortunes, their families, and their psyche.

A very difficult film. Not so much because of the events described. And more due to the internal psychology of the characters. Very thin and clearly shown. The fact that such movie filmed in Hollywood — it is certainly the merit of the individual Spielberg.

Five Oscar nominations. It is strange that they anything not have won.

Despite negativity and pessimism, and even the tragedy of the painting, I advise her to watch.

New review: Munich 28.07.2017

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