New review: murder for hire 30.07.2016

Crime journalist is going through hard times after the breakup of the marital relationship. Business, as they say, everyday, but the stumbling block is the son, whose rights given to the ex — wife, which is also going along with the child to change their country of residence.

Personal problems started to affect the rate of delivery of the materials, and before our hero emerges the prospect of dismissal.

Unexpectedly, he stumbles upon an opportunity to fundamentally solve the problem…

Tight plot and intrigue transmission through a moral conclusion.

American Thriller, meaning and build reminiscent of a good Indian Thriller: the plot is predictable, but not straightforward. Morality is served to the viewer in the wrapper almost has a fascinating story.

And in the end — the lesson of any kind done.

The main advantages of the film: despite the predictability of the plot it has unexpected twists, and the moral can be clearly reduced to a single conclusion: one should not make important decisions in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

New review: murder for hire 30.07.2016

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