New review: My alter ego 31.07.2016

It is a most extraordinary Series I have ever watched, the story in which are immersed instantly.

Revising for the fourth time, and each time open in your soul something new for yourself.

Very deep series that makes you wonder about many things in our lives, and most importantly — that there are no advantages without disadvantages, every sudden gift of fate — has its price. The darkened atmosphere of the filming — perfectly underlines everything that happens on the screen that immerses you even more into the story.

The script deserves attention, because it is so banal:

A neglected, ugly girl Julianne — all my life grew up in reproaches and insults from the entire neighborhood in which they lived, even his own mother despises her for the ugly. All my childhood and youth it’s been laughed at on the buses, called fear, did not pay attention to men.

Only one best friend Ludmila, and aunt Mercedes truly loved Julian for her kind heart.

After the death of my aunt Mercedes, everything is falling apart at Juliana from under my feet even more than before, and she decides to escape from life, but the image of the Dead aunt comes to Julian in the form of a Ghost, and then she reveals the secret Mirror, which stood and remained in her room all this time.

Julian making a wish in the mirror you become the most beautiful woman in the world — getting to her and she no kidding myself say — becomes the ideal of feminine beauty — cute, delicate, elegant, modest, tall, long-haired, slender, with a pretty face.

Here it is — the start of a new life, in which it is possible to fix it with this new look Julianne, more Marizza Ferrer — so called its new appearance Julianne.

A perfect world does not happen and therefore, even this miracle has its price ” great to Maritza, and nightfall is again Juliana

From here begins a fascinating story of love, lies, intrigue, and betrayal. Story that changes not only people who are there, involved, but people who watch that show during…


Since the series was relatively long (2004), from the music of not have to expect much, but sometimes she’s really complements the atmosphere of some scenes, which can even go tears. Is there one melody written in piano — which really touches the heart to tears.

The actors — the main feature of the series past the script, the Actors are so believable in their roles that each has its own “chip” in which the viewer instantly remembers the actor.

What I immediately liked about this series — the View, the facial expressions, the play of these emotions WITHOUT WORDS makes it clear that he feels the actor.

The actors perfectly play every aspect:

If it’s anger or hatred, she not only played it, but it’s so Interesting that sometimes sneaks into wild laughter in the best sense of the word.

If this is happiness /joy, she is also shown so that you and the actors wring from joy. And it’s not the jokes, the actors really properly convey all the nuances of the game.

About love

Know is that the one where love is shown just as love, is even I can’t explain, this is a must see… the Love here is so correct and beautiful that you immediately want the same relationship, immersed in that story and become part of, to behave the same way in relationships, they are not perfect, they are special… Shows all the consequences of every spoken phrase, and so on.

Opinion about the series as a whole:

Events in the series in each series (I stress) are developing very rapidly and fascinating, Each episode does not let you switch nervously one after the other, It is this effect I love it because I haven’t tested, because now all the new movies do not have such an effect of immersion in the scenario.

You know… I want to say that I don’t have enough words to describe my feelings from this series, you literally get sick of them after watching the next few days, the atmosphere does not let go… just a desire to change your life, change it at the root, so many different thoughts come to mind, you start thinking about what you could never think, awaken all dressie gyrus of the brain.

Always considered and I will consider that if the movie stuck the person in the head, then with its task Director did. The main theme of “perfect appearance” is filed that wave reflection does not let the viewer literally every episode

The series made me realize the most important thing, and to change their attitude to many people around me — Appearance is minor, shell, empty shell, Which is attached to your Primary to the Soul, and if in your soul the emptiness Yes rot — no, even the most perfect appearances are not forced to look at you otherwise, sooner or later your gut will always come out and you won’t be able to hide behind his face.

I put

10 out of 10

for this masterpiece, which I can’t find a counterpart, the Series is unique, he immerses his head, takes in the vastness of the monitor. It is beautifully filmed, it is submitted, the darkened atmosphere, it’s the process that is suitable for all situations, the music, the actors, which everyone can give an Oscar for a Huge range of emotions.

I got an ocean of pleasure from watching, I literally enjoyed every emotion transmitted from the screen. I assure you — view the first 10 episodes and you’re already sick of this masterpiece, which it is impossible to give a real emotional evaluation is more than a show, it’s more… than… a series…

New review: My alter ego 31.07.2016

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