New review: My boyfriend – killer 26.06.2017

At first glance it seems that the film would be banal and clichéd. Again a story about love girls with killer. Yes, it is, but the narrative is very funny and cute.

The beginning of the film is slightly boring and irritable because of actress Anna Kendrick. But when a killer Frances, it becomes much more interesting and Mar McKay(Anna Kendrick) already so as not to enrage.

What about the characters, they are in principle good.Sam Rockwell did a great job with the role of Francis. Brutal, funny, charismatic. His jokes always bring a smile.Anna Kendrick played too willfully. Her tantrums drunk or sober looked ridiculous, but funny. Love Francis with Martha at first seemed a bit feigned, but then their chemical bond is felt. Tim Roth is good, though he has a small role. The villains here are typical and boring. There is a naive leader and minions who want to get rid of it.

“My boyfriend-killer” a good movie with a funny story and cool Sam Rockwell, but has disadvantages, for example, the script clichéd and weak villains.

7 out of 10

New review: My boyfriend – killer 26.06.2017

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