New review: My boyfriend – psycho 29.09.2017

American Director David O. Russell all of a sudden became a prominent figure in the global cinematic arena. Until 2010 if his name was little known, after the excellent sports drama “the Fighter”, he became a very famous Director. Among other things, Russell established himself as a talented writer. This tape is great proof. Yes, of course many may confuse the name given to the ribbon at the domestic box office. In the original painting is called “the Silver ray of hope”. It more accurately reflects the essence of the work. But don’t pay much attention to the title, because the film is beautiful isn’t it.

The film is based on the novel by American writer Matthew Cuica. Before us is an amazing symbiosis of human drama, melodrama and tragicomedy. A initially position the tape as a funny story created for entertainment. But on the screen appears a very deep study of human nature. Much time is paid to the psychological issues. However, instead of a boring presentation, the author has chosen more accessible to the common man language and shows the events with an unusual point of view.

In two hours of screen time we watch the life of special people. On the one hand a former teacher , Pat, after being in a psychiatric hospital, he returns home and tries to rebuild their lives. However, the burden of the past will not let him go, the result of Pet sees the world in slightly distorted form, and his behavior is not quite adequate. The family of the hero is also far from perfect, which is clearly seen on the example of his father. On the other hand the girl Tiffany, she also suffered from psychological problems, but accepts herself for who she is. Here the relationship of these special individuals and we have to watch.

The psychological aspect is the most important in the story. The origin of love is happening juxtaposed with the protagonist’s inner world. Through the prism of their problems, both personal and family, Pat looking for a place in his new life. It’s a sentimental and very emotional story, but not mushy. It is touching, but the emotions of not playing. This is the right solution helps to avoid the standard cliché.

Bradley Cooper played one of the best roles in his career and has rightfully earned an Oscar, but unfortunately it was limited only by nomination. He brilliantly performed his part by giving complex and ambiguous image. A brilliant disclosure of the inner world of the hero, his emotions and feelings. Jennifer Lawrence is no doubt a great actress, and although I do not believe that this is the best role in her career, it’s definitely a great performance. As always, gorgeous Robert De Niro. The talent of the prominent master is beyond doubt and he told us it demonstrates. Well worth noting is the lovely appearance of Chris Tucker in his usual role.

My boyfriend — psycho it is a vital, a mental, sentimental and very touching tragic and comic drama. Amazing and unconventional study of the psychology of man, his domestic and family problems. And also a cute love story, which makes a strong impression and gives much food for thought. Definitely recommend.

8 out of 10

New review: My boyfriend – psycho 29.09.2017

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