New review: My girlfriend is a monster 22.06.2017

I was skeptical about the film initially, at the stage of watching the trailer. Well, I think I’ll pass away tonight, I’ll see a Comedy, relax… But no, I was here quite a serious movie.

The whole movie I was tormented by the question: What is happening?

He is about the drama of human life. Ease after viewing the absolutely no no. Rather an unpleasant aftertaste remains.

The problem of the positioning of this film colossal (Colossal). People wanted to drive to view some axeworthy, Comedy. In fact, the film is about reality, not fiction. The idea of inner monsters, this is something new. The seriousness of this veiled.

This film raises many of the problems of life of ordinary people: alcoholism — the search for joy in life when everything collapsed; and unrealized ambitions in the “main” villain; and childhood traumas that hinder us from moving forward; and the issue of people from small towns who are jealous of those who went to conquer the dream. All this makes the film already is not the usual action Packed Ala Godzilla, king Kong. The film is about the monsters inside us that will not allow us to move on and live well at the expense of resources in the form of depression, anger, envy, resentment, etc.

With regards to the acting of Anne Hathaway sets the tone for the picture and empathize, like a problem, the project itself experiences. Jason Sudeikis is good again, the sudden change from the white and fluffy school “friend” in an inadequate madman, nothing to complain about.

In addition to playing actors should pay attention to the situation in their homes, it fully complements and clarifies the identity of the hero.

There is no bad and good, promise that everyone can change, but often the alcohol does not do that.

I recommend the movie for viewing. In the valuation minus 2 points for the incorrect positioning of the tape, I think if people knew that there is quite a serious film concerning the problems of the society, then, without a shadow of a doubt, the audience would be more. In addition, with greater probability, people who wanted to see action, will be disappointed and not understand the true message of the film.

8 out of 10

New review: My girlfriend is a monster 22.06.2017

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