New review: My land 29.07.2016

After five years of German occupation, may 5, 1945, Denmark celebrates its new independence day day of liberation from German invaders. As we do, the truth is that with a difference in a couple of days, on may 5 last year, this country celebrated the Victory Day. And to celebrate this remarkable date, to the 70-th anniversary of the liberation of the country from the Nazis was filmed is very unique and unusual film, leaving a certain feeling which I call compassion. Choosing this word, I want to show it in some different format, in the complex manifestations of sympathy and humanity to the victims of the era, not specific as to the state and the country as a whole, and to the people, to the boys coming to the front, blindly believing in the victory.

The film tells about the young miners who have just finished school, before I knew to war, was in Danish captivity. Already released in Denmark, the guys not sitting in a cage, and fall into the unit, the bomb squad, whose future task will be cleaning beaches and clearing their own mines, densely located on the West coast of the country, where the planned landing of the allies opening a second front. Historically, this has not happened, and the mines are still dangerous and deadly, continued to lie in his place. Scared, in desperate situations the guys get into a unit of sappers, under the leadership of a fierce patriot-Dane — Sergeant Rasmussen. Drowning in anger to the Germans, the Danish army soldier, he enjoys long-awaited victory.

In my opinion, the movie was intended by the author to show the reverse side of war, where already finished shooting and screens guns, but still, where else to go continues the internal struggle between the affected people and their continued smooth transition to the present, not contractual, and real human truce. Here, the Director demonstrates the kind of obvious, but still an intriguing development of relations between victims of political games.

The film is not about the war. The movie shows us the boundaries of those very human values that are so abstract and vague that only one wrong step can change completely the picture of our destiny and make you either disabled, or dead.

New review: My land 29.07.2016

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