New review: My little pony: Friendship is magic 27.07.2016

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Ahh ahh ahh ahh
My Little Pony
I used to wonder what friendship could be
My Little Pony
Until you all shared its magic with me
Big adventure, tons of fun
A beautiful heart, faith full and strong
Sharing kindness it’s an easy feat
And magic makes it all complete
Yeah, My Little Pony
Don’t you know you’re all my very best friends

Animated series “My Little Pony”(abbreviated “MLP”) began in 2010 and since then has released six seasons, and the cartoon series won the affection of millions of viewers around the world. The series initially aimed at children and mostly girls, have found incredible success with an adult audience, and especially that at first glance oddly enough, the male part. Even formed a subculture of fans of the animated series — armor. I agree to the official data the average age of armor from 14 to 35 years.

Long time fandom passed me by. I heard a lot about this cartoon, but to see the desire, until recently, did not arise. And only recently I wanted to look “MLP”. And largely of interest to know why ponies have become so popular. Why they are popular with children is clear, but what are they so attracted to an adult audience?

The most important advantage of “MLP” I think of the characters. There are many similar cartoons, including those created by Lauren Faust, but they don’t have such a huge number of fans. In fact, if not for the characters, and the animated series is hardly attracted to the screens of so many spectators.

There are only seven main characters: six characters ponies and the little dragon spike. There are numerous secondary characters. Unless you count spike, almost all the main characters female. This, incidentally, attracts a male audience. The characters are really extremely cute and attractive. Everyone can choose the pony close to itself. Sweet and kind Fluttershy or funny Pinkie pie. Or fashionable and charming Rarity. Bright and cute characters perhaps, as has been said, became one of the main reasons for this success, “MLP”.

Also one of the main advantages of the cartoon is bright and juicy animations. While browsing the “MLP” just rest your eyes. All drawn very nicely, the colors of the characters and the world cause aesthetic pleasure. And in all seriousness. The colors are bright, but not chemically, as is the case in some cartoons. And this is especially good for children who vivid animation and memorable characters more important than plot.

Another aspect, besides the animation and characters, which is necessarily necessary in a children’s cartoon and also there is this moral. When watching every episode of the animated series children endure a certain lesson. Each series shows that kindness and friendship is the most important thing in the life of any pony (person). The main characters get into different situations that basically create themselves. But in the end each of them brings a life lesson that will be useful not only for children but also for adults, believe me. All morality is served at the end of the series in the form of a letter Twilight Sparkle (twilight Sparkle)and Princess Celestia.

However, there is something that I still just do not like. It’s too simple plot of the series. Something like we have already seen in other cartoons. This, of course, nothing is, but personally I because of its being a bully thinks it’s still a minus.

In General, this is a popular cartoon for kids. Bright, beautiful, kind, cheerful, with cute rhymes and morals about friendship. And that, oddly enough, he attracts the attention of an adult audience. His kindness. And that even adult men not to mention teenagers, are addicted to “My Little Pony” I don’t see anything wrong. Sometimes you just really want to relax and immerse yourself in this pink and beautiful world of the little ponies.

A word about the dubbing. After reading the angry reviews, I expected the dubbing is really bad. However, contrary to fears, the dubbing was still not so bad. Voices matched well enough to the heroes they are, in principle, suitable. I mean the dubbing of the TV channel “Carousel”. But here is the translation, or rather its inaccuracies — this is a minus. This is especially due to the Lunar ponies. Another minus — songs. Personally I find most annoying performance of musical numbers Pinkie pie.

Thus, it’s time to think about evaluation. In assessing the “MLP” I didn’t take into account the dubbing, as it is a flawed translation, but not the animated series. “My Little Pony” — in all respects an excellent animated series. He deserves the highest estimation and, even though I found the negative, he receives it.

10 out of 10

And no matter what you’re told, don’t listen. After all the love for this cartoon, no matter what age you are, whether child, teenager or adult, it is natural. Each of us needs kindness “My Little Pony” and gives us.

New review: My little pony: Friendship is magic 27.07.2016

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