New review: My Little Pony movie 13.10.2017


Worth to say, that I’m a fan of the TV series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. Perhaps this influenced my attitude to the film and impartiality of the review.

Part one. For those who know that Twilight is not just a movie about vampires

It is possible that this category of audience yet refers to the film as one of a series, only 5 times longer. Imagine how many ponies and how many songs fit in such a long series?

The film, of course, similar to the series — same characters, including secondary, the same world… similar, but look nothing like him. It is evident that writers have tried, and we see not the usual 20-minute series, and a real ribbon, with a large number of events, even is the drama; but still all this we enjoyed in the completely new style and with new animation. New style looks unusual, but nice and new, does not distract from the film; plus, 10 minutes later cease to pay attention to it and completely immersed in what is happening. I’m sure many fans could not even dream of that ever released a feature film about a pony.

To be honest, when I watched the trailers and saw the griffons, a pony-mermaids and other creatures — all of this made me suspicious: I was afraid that the end result is just a “hodgepodge”. But no, it was written very organically; besides, the plot of the film I wasn’t just not disappointed, but even impressed. One of the characters we know from the first series, doing what I could not to expect. This time I am really impressed, because this act did not expect from this character; it added drama and weight to the picture in my eyes. So be careful: an old friend will show a completely new side of his character that we’ve never seen.

Now crossing components.

Music and songs. You already watched the show and know what they are capable Daniel Ingram. Suffice to say, that here he had an hour and a half and a whole orchestra. Other comments are unnecessary. Let me just say that I liked the song Shadow Tempest (the Storm in the Russian voice). Very ominous and dramatic song.

Dubbing. This item does not apply directly to the film, but if You are familiar with dubbing from “Carousel”, don’t expect all the characters here are voiced by the same actors, only units.

Bonuses. Pony continue the tradition begun in 2010, namely reference. When viewing quite a pleasure to continue to find references to other famous films, works of art; there is even a reference to another character in the series, which was not shown in the picture.

This category of audience I recommend the movie not only because it is an opportunity to see favorite characters from “MLP:FIM” in a new style, and not even because the first time we will be shown the areas outside of Equestria, but because it is another opportunity to observe the growth of the characters, to see them on the other hand, to learn more about their world and the creatures, perfect songs, and, of course, to the lessons of friendship.

Part two. For those who are convinced that Applejack is apples

With a certain probability You’ve already heard about some sort of pony and You might already a known fact that a huge number of adults are fans of the series. The film will not give You a solution of this phenomenon, but will provide an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with ponies.

If You think this movie children — I kind of agree with You: of course, children will get pleasure from viewing, but adults will be a pleasure to watch, and not only because of the references, but because the film is about serious things in a frivolous form. Frankly, I did not expect to see such dramatic moments in this film. Although, of course, I was looking through the prism of the series, and perhaps this heightened the effect.

If You learned about the existence of colorful horses only with the release of the movie for You, most likely, it will just be another picture that you can view alone or with family. Relaxing, not straining, with good light humor, plenty of songs picture in which the main role is given not to the robots, not demons and not zombies — and a pony, just a good pony that will entice You into their adventures and worries, and You don’t even have time to understand how it happened.

The film’s plot is simple but dynamic, no scene caused a feeling of slowness or loss of interest. Also for me was a big plus the absence of any below the belt jokes and even a small touch of vulgarity that is now becoming increasingly rare even in cartoons.

This category of audience I recommend the film, because this film is not for one time, which can be viewed and forgotten, on the contrary, it can, and most importantly, I want to review yet; I’m sure You’ll find something you like. Also, given that there are as many as 6 main characters, You’re sure to find something in common in nature, at least with one of them, and look to get even better.


I went to this movie on the first day of the rental for the first session, and got a half hour of great fun. The film completely unexpectedly for me, left a very strong impression, and the impression is extremely positive.

10 out of 10

PS Twilight and Applejack — Twilight and Applejack in the Russian voice.

New review: My Little Pony movie 13.10.2017

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