New review: My Little Pony movie 13.10.2017

Something happened, something many have been waiting for. Cute little pony made it to the cinema screens and is ready to delight the audience with their new adventures. The trailer clearly gave to understand that will occur throughout the cartoon. Old friends-the ponies are back together and ready how to have fun. So, what to expect from the picture?

Graphics. She is above all praise. Amazing animation will make the audience to plunge into the world of bright and colorful landscapes even without 3D glasses. The characters look magical. Every one of them. A lot of magic and enchanting tricks will make any wonder.

Voice. She was on top. Why are only the voices of Sergey Lazarev and Polina Gagarina. These brilliant people gave their magnificent voices the Cunning Tail and Storm. Do not forget the old, long known for his voice, Peter Ivashchenko, who gave voice funny the party of Gruber. And now about the main thing — six girlfriends-ponies and the baby dragon spike. We can say that in this respect they have matured. No, really. The voices have become more adult. Especially spike. While sitting in the audience I missed the voice acting, as in the series.

Plot. Very simple and brilliant. There are villains and there are heroes. A lot of new characters, new worlds and a bunch of new songs. The musical came out just stunning.

In General, the cartoon turned out great. During playback you can experience a bunch of emotions. I think the Director did an admirable job with their task. Solid devyatochku little pony deserved for sure!

9 out of 10

New review: My Little Pony movie 13.10.2017

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