New review: My Little Pony movie 20.10.2017

Of course, this film was met not only with little girls. It just so happened that the target audience of the franchise is quite blurred. But hasbro decided not to sit on two chairs, it is dangerous. The film is not a field for experiments.

We remember how it all began. Corny, however the whole universe. The Royal magicians, the Queen, which has not been seen. A lot of little things left when comics announced “beyond the Canon”. But for a moment, the film is in fact associated with the “canonical” series? Or years later it will suffer the fate comics? Huge, expensive… fanfic?

So, raided the trouble. All of a sudden. I’m not going to say that the rulers of Equestria and the elephant had not noticed: the apparent failure of foreign policy, intelligence. And I would say that it is normal for the colored race horses. But contrary to the series. Not one episode dedicated to “foreign policy”.

Okay, the horses with him. Geographic features remote region. But for a moment. Where’s the army? That great power that was able to withstand attacks changingof? Where of the air force, service in which professional activities one of the main characters? Another question, where’s Deep? Ex Machina world of rainbow ponies?

The answer is simple: under her skirt. Hasbro not gently pushed himself from the chair, “unexpected target audience”. It burned. “Cool” male characters, army and aircraft have no place in a girls ‘ cartoon. Men perform two tasks: the evil and “Chibi”. The BBC only know how to dance, apparently. In pursuit of the TSA had broken the integrity of the world. And it seems there is nothing wrong with that, that would work to sharpen the right audience…

But in a new wondrous world and failed to maintain the integrity. A Kingdom without an army, air force and intelligence, and musical stars for more personal protection than the first lady of the Kingdom.

New review: My Little Pony movie 20.10.2017

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