New review: My love 27.06.2017

“My love” is the story of the search of the companion of life of a Kerala Christian, George David (Nivin Pauly). She became one of the biggest grossing success stories malakanskogo cinema. Perhaps it’s at least partly that the plot of this very realistic shot of the film is composed so that the actions of the main character can learn every second young person in Kerala. George is not an outstanding extraordinary personality. He’s just a regular guy from the upper middle class. His family is quite wealthy, so he doesn’t have to think about their daily bread. At the same time, especially not poshikuesh. Like many, George went to school, then went to College on a popular office for programmers. But to work in the specialty was not necessary. But it left reasonably solid owner very neat and cosy coffee shop serving the most delicious cakes he was preparing with his own hands. Sudden, but occurs often in life transformation.

“My love” tells the story of three periods in the life of George, passed them at 16, 20 and 30 years. And about the three beautiful girls: Mary, Malar and Celine met on the way. To each of them he had tender feelings. And obviously, history is important not so much the identity of specific girls, how much difference in the emotions experienced Kerala boy to them, nevertheless called by the same word premam — love. And it’s not so much the difference between the three beauties, but in the fact that changing George himself, appearing in each of the three periods in fact a different person. At 16 he is still very inexperienced and little knowledge of the life of the youngster. His feelings for the first beauty in the village are a combination of exceptionally youthful desire and sympathy to pyshnograi Charmer Mary. George is still very timid, shy and unsure of himself. It’s too long and goes through and rejects one after the other ways to impress his chosen one, and then getting into funny situations.

In 20 years it is almost a completely different young man. He grew up hard, grew up and matured. He gained confidence. Now George the undergraduate, the leader of the company, one of the recognized leaders of the College, the main troublemaker. Cool and all macho in a black lungi, with a bushy hipster beard with heavy fists, fire in his eyes and courage in the heart. Sure to impress a guy one beauty is not enough, need more courage, intelligence, talent, sociability, a kind heart and the ability to influence others. Such is the new lecturer Malar. By the way, she was the only one of the three heroines, which became not just a beautiful picture of nature only barely outlined by a dotted line.

And finally, in 30 years we see seems to be the same George, but once again transformed into someone else. And it’s not just that the guy is Mature posolidnel, got his own business — the key to stable prosperity, but that all striking features so attracted to the leader of the College, was kind of, like powdered dust of time, in part if worn at all. Even the dim memories, extinguished the fire in his eyes. Now George has again become the same as most of the peers of his circle. Gone steep disassembly of “wall to wall”. Now even if he will wear a black lungi, I roll up the sleeves, it will beat a whole crowd with just one addict. He never sighs peek at the sweetheart and do not seek to conquer, but immediately transferred to the statement of fact. He’s a busy man, and once he sentiment to breed. And with all chiropracti this third story she disappoints your schematic and almost no romance. It’s not gaining well-deserved true love, and getting the most appropriate one for the status and character of George life partner. It looks like part of a very pleasant light taste of love. But so it is in life often found in normal people. Probably. But that’s good if the normality is in fact — a rhetorical question.

Blooming marvelous and for the umpteenth time affects the abundance of lush greenery and water spaces of Kerala is decorated with frames its landscape background. Good mix of Comedy with romance to bringing a balanced splashes of action and drama makes the genre cocktail of a movie is very tasty. A recurring leitmotif with fluttering butterflies should evoke associations with those light wings, as they say, begin to flutter in my stomach when a person falls in love. At the same time, they clearly hinted at the whirling of girls-flowers boys-moths. Engaged in fresh beauty and aroma, they tend to drink the cherished nectar before the flowers fade and fall off. And in the end one of the flowers will still be planted in a personal kennel to settle down moth. Sooner or later calming down, getting up to normal. In any case in normal individuals.

New review: My love 27.06.2017

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