New review: my name is Michael 11.10.2017

Perhaps in this so-called review will not be flattering words about the actor James Franco, so in advance I apologize for the subjectivity.

However, according to the description it becomes clear that the opening theme of this painting is the endless confrontation of religions and sexual orientation.

Justin Kelly took the load and was not able adequately to convey. Throughout the film pop up question — what’s wrong with homosexuality and why she can’t go toe to toe with religion. The answer to the first dialogue of the film, which was the reason for further review, we have not been given. A couple of sentences from the Bible and “performance” of pastors is not impressive. The film faced some neutrality. He, equally, did not protect the rights of gays, as well as criticized it. Same thing with religion. Even knowing that the film is based on real events, and it was impossible to change something. But I don’t think this will not afraid this word, a single case was worthy of such publicity.

As for the game actors. James Franco it’s the same everywhere. Critics somehow always set him some roles, which, perhaps, I’ll NEVER see. For me, as this actor is perfect in such films as “Why him?” and “the quest”. I didn’t mind it for the movie never, to his regret, confusion, remorse, “transition”, doesn’t ring any bells.

Can not be said about Zachary Quinto. Maybe the factor that it is in real life gay, reflected on his brilliant role. Here in this case was a range of emotions, love, adoration, and sacrifice, and pain, and “acceptance”.

Appeared in a consequence, my favorite Emma Roberts, is also not saved the movie. And I blame the casting Manager. Fans of this actress used to see this girl tear the bitch (Scream Queens, American Horror Story) and here quiet ready to marry “ex-gay”. Seriously?!

Unwritten rules, in the end you need to rate the movie on a 10-point scale. Hard to put 3, so as thereby infringe on the game Zachary, but most of the hand does not rise. Sorry…

It seems to me that the 4-minute track “Born This Way” from Lady Gaga more sense than in this film.

New review: my name is Michael 11.10.2017

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