New review: Mysterium. Darkness in a bottle 27.07.2016

Department “Q” gets a bottle with a note, asking for help from the child. A note soaked with seawater, blood, and religion. The investigation begins to search for the alleged victims, the offender and Faith. Faith reflected in the actions and thoughts of people.

About the detective — it is the same as in many other films and TV shows Central-North Europe where the identity of the antagonist is revealed almost from the start. Thus, immediately the focus shifts from the criminal to the process of searching. Accent with a bright, unexpected finale disperses at these same points throughout the course of history, but with a less strong emotional color. This randomnest, unpredictability (distinguishing real life from movies-dies) and makes, I think, with a voltage to follow the development of the story. In fairness I will say that the film has cliches. Very few of them, maybe one or two. But the more they catch the eye amid the General “realism”. It’s a minus. But in any case, there is a “predictable” ending, in a sense, it begins from the moment ties the story… Not the most interesting it is certainly a process. The process and reactions of the main characters. As a detective, the film is not much different from information from the news block.

About the plot element: the religious theme is sharp as ever. But at the moment the focus real-world religion. Perhaps the authors were afraid to speak openly about it. And perhaps wisely: understand understand the universality and fanatic never will. The topic is indicated, the authors talk about it, but they’re not trying to make any strong conclusions, except perhaps one. In this strange world’s most “believers” may even be the one who does not “believe.”

General: in General, interesting, but not bright. No component of a memorable, catchy hook if its not the strings, behind barbed wire wrapped around our souls. Neither visually, emotionally or plot. Entourage is good. The actors, too, but sometimes you catch yourself thinking about a lot of similarity with the characters of Honest detective. Which one is more honest — I don’t know.

3.5 / 10

New review: Mysterium. Darkness in a bottle 27.07.2016

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