New review: Mysterium. Darkness in a bottle 29.07.2016

Honestly have not watched the first two parts, so to compare “Darkness in a bottle” with the previous tapes about the investigation conducted by Commissioner Carl Merck and his assistant Assad, will not defining — turned out worse this movie or the previous one better.

So the police gets a bottle, inside of which is a bloody note, problemsas in the sea is unknown what period of time. Once you start unraveling a mysterious message, containing pleas for help, Merck and Assad reveal a terrible secret, which are silent residents of a small settlements and I understand that over the last few years lost a lot more small children than the number that published in official police records.

The Film Misterium. Darkness in a bottle” is pretty atmospheric and well conveys the mood and style of European cinema. Here, as in Hollywood films, there are scenes when someone someone comes up, there are moments of dialogue partners, but all of this is done in my own way. Tackles and the tackles (Onopko is probably hiccups), and the conversation partners is not an easy talk, and people talking, burdened by his tenure as and because through the power of crushing out every word and every phrase.

Here well designed narrative, and though the audience knows the murderer almost immediately, it does not spoil the overall impression, because his motives and the reasons for the maniac kidnap and murder, remain unsolved for a long time. All, as happens in such stories as usual from the past, but if you pay attention to what was past crazy, I involuntarily shudder from what he’s capable of most native and close to the heart of a man who became obsessed with religion.

That seemed odd, so this is a story with a message in a bottle. Strange is the fact that too fast detectives seized for the thread that gave a mysterious message and began to rapidly unravel the horrific crimes committed several years ago. For example, in “8 mm” hero Nicolas cage long and hard collecting the crumbs of evidence and proof about the crime committed sometime in the past. In “the Girl with the dragon tattoo”, the situation is the same way — the process of investigation involved and intriguing with every minute, and in the Darkness in a bottle” terrible discovery is not for investigators of serious puzzle.

Plus, a little jarred, the fact of redemption. “As a first film, and its description itself is not positioned so that the offender does his dirty deeds for money. And financial issues received much attention. It would be great, again, if you pay attention to other film projects that maniac was just a psychopath, well, as in “Seven” by David Fincher!

However, to watch You. Their opinions do not impose.

Pleasant viewing.

7 out of 10

New review: Mysterium. Darkness in a bottle 29.07.2016

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