New review: Nerve 05.10.2017

This film is not the first in its genre and not the best, but it was tasteful and interesting. Despite the apparent chaos on the screen, everything that happens very clear. Praise to the one who so wisely built a provided scenario information and streamlined the story a mess.

Wonderful camera work. The film looks good. Sometimes felt the flaws in the filming, but this is covered with a huge variety of types, plans, ways of shooting, and the choice of lighting.

There is one interesting element is a kind of interpretation of breaking the fourth wall. In the film, the constant practice interactive game with the audience. Only it involved the viewer and the monitor. The characters regularly interact with the camera looking at them.

The film is positioned as a youth. And it is really so, but that does not mean that there are jokes through the floor, as in “American pie” or the humor crossed a line as in the other youth comedies. Here, in contrast to the books, almost withdrawn vulgarity, except for the lack of bras some of the characters and one Nude of the fifth point. As for the rest, except for the kisses we see nothing. From youth films the film took the silliness, rashness and irresponsibility of the characters. Sometimes there was a feeling that all the characters in the movie are, quite simply, no families, except for how fun they no longer do.

The film kept the bar quite high up ever since, while the authors are not the time to unravel the tangle which they are bound, and show for what it was conceived. But to our great sorrow, the film to anything good has not resulted. The ending is blurred, colorful characters turned into spineless, and the carriage turned back into a pumpkin…

Dave Franco, who plays Ian, has the same incredible charm that his older brother James. Almost the entire film his true motives remain in the shadows and builds up the expectation of something special. But as you know “the more you wait, the less you get” by the end of the Yen deflates. Also caused genuine interest in the character of American rapper Colson Baker named Ted is the guy in the leather jacket. He looked really impressive until, until everything went according to the star. Still have the main character named Venus. Disclosure takes place with unprecedented speed. Now she is demure in shadow of his slutty girlfriend and after a couple of hours it is already a criminal authority in the web “Nerve”.

Also walks around a character named Tommy. Very unclear why you need it and removing it, nothing would have changed. The movie would even become better, because Tommy is the main guilty in this ending of the film. He’s just a friend of the protagonist, who unsuccessfully protects her from trouble.

The end of “Nerve” reminded me of the finals of the”Illusions of deception is 1.2″. They also promised a much more outwardly it looked promising, the audience was already warmed up, but in the end… in other words, after the final precipitate. In “Nerve” not enough the magnitude of what is happening. Because the game is really supposed to consume the entire world. Ty said “a little anarchy”, and was supposed to be “anarchy”.

Tape vaguely recalled. The film Timberlake was beautifully filmed and just sounded good. Had an interesting scenario. But the difference between them is that “Time” is less like a series and more on full movie. “Nerve” is more intimate, if narrow and limited to a small area. Yes, maybe not made to turn around a budget. But in the world of cinema there are plenty of examples, meager production costs which did not prevent them to enter the tops.

“Nerve” — burning movie with a great visual component, with a bunch of top music, from struggling actors, with the original idea, but also unnecessary elements from the scenario with gaps and with oiled finish. Great finals be Directors not as often as I would like. And even the most seasoned craftsmen sometimes make mistakes. Can you blame those not experienced enough, Directors “Nerve” not worth it. And so they, most of the film, forced to watch without interruption from the screen.

7 out of 10

New review: Nerve 05.10.2017

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