New review: Nerve 27.09.2017

The idea of the movie Nerve not that new, but certainly not worn out. The yard is 2020 and in the world at a tremendous pace gaining popularity new online game where participants perform tasks of varying difficulty that come up for them by other users. If the player performs the task, he receives quite a considerable amount, which increases with each new challenge. And here, modest girl VI as fate begins to play the game and her life is turned upside down.

Calm dark and bright futuristic tone, coupled with a couple of interesting pieces play on the emotions of the audience and attention when viewing is not lost until the end of the picture. The movie spoils a huge number of colorful soundtracks, which are fairly good overall fit to the surroundings of the painting, reinforcing the sense of history. Given that the film is only an hour and a half — bored, in principle, not possible.

But the main disadvantage of Nerve that it does not disclose your each individual element. The story ends as quickly as it begins, the feeling that we are just at the top tells the main facts of history that we just knew her and not confused. Absolutely cardboard characters as major and minor. The motivation for their actions or the reason for their behavior in different situations just occurs on a certain teenage cliche. And no the game is Emma Roberts, playing Emily Meade does not save the situation. Though they try as they can, really.

The foregoing suggests a single and simple conclusion. The nerve is not such a bad movie, but only one at a time, hardly a month after the viewing you will be able to remember one thing about him except the basic idea. If it is absolutely nothing to see, pass the time go, I doubt strongly that he will disappoint you, but unlikely to please, still would like more and feel that it is quite real.

5 out of 10

New review: Nerve 27.09.2017

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