New review: New Bremen 26.09.2017

You can say that I watched the premiere of this work on TV screens of Ukraine — has been given a big advertising, announcements are constantly spinning, and then… wait — 31 December 2000 together with his family at the screen, I began to look “New Bremen”. To say that the waited — to say nothing, because my parents and I are real fans of the two Soviet cartoons.

And what do I get as a result? The hurt and rage? No. Rather, a feeling of embarrassment mixed with confusion. As a child, I didn’t mind no plot, no songs, no “new image” of the old characters. The cartoon was — and passed. I never thought, or saw on television. Did not remember I did not because I did not like it — I would be happy to give it a look again, that’s just the triquel in the memory is not hooked like I was about it and never heard…

And only recently I remembered about it because of the hype on the Internet. Found the time. And still watched the cartoon fully. Do I need to watch it? Of course, no. This script written on the topic of the day — an act of protest to the system of the 90s. Then protested by many. Especially the soul became a children’s writer Eduard Uspensky, who considered it his duty to explain to the little kiddies all the dirt “spirited” time with your favorite characters in books “Business Crocodile Gena”, “New orders in Buttermilk” etc.

Question — why do we need this dirt to a little kid? Yes, of course a teenager and a grown man should know the history (including the 90s), but still, Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka, Uncle Theodore and his Pets, and of course the Bremen town musicians for an audience of 3+, as would not have liked all the other age groups. By the way, in the old Bremen was a small subtexts (“Bugs” for example), but they were stuck so well that the movie managed to pass the strict censorship of those years, making them practical invisible.

Trikvel so want to stick to a small audience “dill” 90s” that fascinated, “scores” all other components of a good film — plot, characters, and most importantly — musical numbers — the highlight of the series “Bremen”. Babkin, penquin, Kirkorov and others like them — do not match Anofrieva or Magomayev. All the characters are dull, and it’s not in old age. Faceless son of Troubadour and Princess, clumsily shoving down our throat the idea of “Parents — not cool!” not old, but somehow the joy of the cartoon adds.

The only one who remembered is Atamansha. My God my God. I forgot that there was such a Horny scene. And this was written by Vasily Livanov? Although, what wonder if Alla Surikova first “gave birth” “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines”, and then after 20 years “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines”. All the same old age takes its toll.

The most offensive, that in my childhood had records with fairy tales, among which was and “Bremen”. And what do you think? “New Bremen” also have their own audio fairy on CD — ROM!!! If you find any, suggest to buy and burn, exactly as the disks of this “work”.

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New review: New Bremen 26.09.2017

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