New review: Night and day 16.06.2017

The main character is an artist, runs from police pursuit in Paris (don’t ask how or why)… and gets to Korea. Not literally, of course, but it is there. He settles in the hotel where the Koreans live alone and the owner is Korean, meets her in the street, talking exclusively with them, goes to a Korean cafe, Korean buying Newspapers and so on. It’s not even funny. It seemed that the Director wanted to make a film about a man and change places, but it turned out some sort of story about the Russian in Brighton beach. Even after a month of living in Paris — Montparnasse tower for him is still “black building”.

It is worth noting that almost all the movies Hong San-soo filmed in Korea, increasingly in Seoul and the area in them is of considerable importance: as for the atmosphere and for the connection of the plot. Therefore, seeing that there will be Paris, I was downright hot. But no, in this respect everything is the same here: Saga, love, memories. Added conversations on art and oysters. Note also that special “primitine” carrier-style, there is almost no that me personally pleased.

A confused man, constantly borocay something about my age and some a little hysterical, anxious woman, almost the whole movie kept me in the paradigm of Comedy, not drama. Love in “very good man” in a mini-skirt and somewhere 15 years younger, also does not allow me to feel the depth of the drama. Separate melancholic motive is the feeling of exile with which the main character is sometimes very extravagant fights.

From a traditional French one can notice the wanderings of the plot from Paris to Brittany and back. And in Brittany (Deauville) there is something significant and changing the mindset of the characters.

Unobtrusive Comedy, meditative and special Asian approach to the city on the banks of the Seine and France in General, leave a good impression from the tape and support the desire to continue the acquaintance with the works of the Director.

New review: Night and day 16.06.2017

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